Story Book Cakes

story book cake by Rose Sen Cakes

A story book cake is one of the most enchanting cakes you can make for a little one, even right up to teenage years and beyond, with their favourite book. The very stylish cake design above was designed by Rose Sen Cakes as a fabulous 30th birthday cake for an avid book lover.

To create an open book cake, you can either buy a book-shaped cake pan/tin or you can create one from two rectangular cakes with just a little bit of clever shaping as the example below, by the very talented Verusca Walker, shows.

story book cake with dinosaur by Verusca WalkerTo help you create your own story book cakes, you will find tutorials here :

Book cake tutorial by Veena’s Art of Cake

Book cake tutorial by Jessicakes (a bit more technical)

how to make a story book cake tutorialCake Geek’s favourite method for creating story book cakes is very cleverly illustrated, in the picture on the right, by Fancy Top Cakes.

This genius technique simply involves making and filling four small round cakes, halfing them down the middle and laying them flat in the shape of an open book. Then trimming the outer page edges flat (as in the picture on the bottom left).

It’s a terrific method that saves an awful lot of time on shaping!

Once you have made and iced your basic book shape you can add as much detail as you like, with either 3-D figures as in the cakes above, or 2-D models such as the Disney cake below by Cake Central contributor, Dods.  This cake was a brilliant idea for a little girl who couldn’t decide whether she wanted a Lion King birthday cake or a Nemo birthday cake.  So the cake designer decided to make her a story book cake featuring both stories, with one on each page!

story book cake by Cake Central contributor Dods featuring the Lion King and Finding Nemo

Below, we have two very cleverly designed book cakes for book lovers and book worms by two fabulous UK cake companies, Biscuiteers (left) and Laura Jane Cake Design (right).

book cakes for book lovers and book worms by Biscuiteers (left) and by Laura Jane Cake Design via CakesDecor (right)

Finally, the wonderful Rosebud Cakes of Beverly Hills have created the magical fairytale book cake below that is simply awe-inspiring in it’s detail and imagination, fit for any princess aged 3 to 30!

fairytale story book cake by Rosebud Cakes

You’ll also find a tutorial for a “stack of books” cake from Alan Tetreault here: Stack of Books Cake Tutorial.

For more on beautiful book cakes and design inspiration, see our feature Book Cakes – Part 2 here.

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