Sugar Models – Full of Character

cake toppers gumpate models by Alessandra Caldeira left, Alice Davies right

Most cake artists will agree that sugar artistry has come on leaps and bounds in the past few years.  With so much new talent coming into the arena, a whole new sense vibrancy has been injected into the art of sugarcraft and nowhere is this more apparent than in the highly skilled area of sugar modelling.

Some of the leading lights as well as new talents are featured in this week’s selection of some of the most incredible sugar models we’ve come across in our adventures in the cake art world.

Our feature pic above showcases the amazing sculpting skills and animation styles of Alessandra Caldeira (above left) and Alice Davies (above right), perfectly capturing the personality & characteristics of the young and older generations.

A wonderful sugar caricature of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth features below by South Africa’s sugar genius, Dot Klerck of Eat Cake Party, with an equally skilled gentleman cake topper by Sandra Monger Cakes, UK (below right).

the Queen sugar model cake topper by Eat Cake Party, South Africa left, gentleman cake topper by Sandra Monger Cakes UK right

Personalised cake toppers are a huge draw for cake customers, especially for landmark birthdays –  for 18ths, 21sts, 50ths, etc – that justify going that bit extra on the birthday cake budget. Featured below are two fabulous birthday girl cake toppers in their party wear by Emma Jayne Cake Design ( left), with a “flapper” girl cake topper for a Gatsby themed birthday party (below right) by Irina Sanz of Sugar in Love.

birthday girl cake topper by Emma Jayne Cake Design left, flapper girl cake topper for Gatsby cake by Irina Sanz right

Magical Cakes, New Zealand have also created an exquisite sugar model for a 1920’s themed birthday bash below, complete with art deco detailing and feather accents.

flapper girl cake topper Gatsby birthday cake by Magical Cakes NZ

Fabulous features and a doll-like quality are the hallmark of sugar artist Alessandra Caldeira’s sugar models (below left). On the right, the Kirsty Wirsty Cake Emporium shows us how terrific hairstyling is often the crowning glory for a fabulous sugar model (plus we just love how this cake board has been decorated with black and white icing images).

sugar models cake toppers by Alessandra Caldeira left, Kirsty Wirsty Cake Emporium right

The fun and stylish sugar modelling style of Carlos Lischetti (below) took the world of sugar art by storm when his first book was published in 2012 and his follow-up book – Animation in Sugar: Take 2– is out now.

sugar model by Carlos Lischetti

Natural and fluid poses are a key element in achieving sugar model perfection and the two examples below demonstrate this perfectly – by Alessandra Caldeira (below left) and Alessandra Frisoni (right).

gumpaste models  cake toppers by Alessandra Caldeira left, Alessandra Frisoni right

The eyes are apparently the gateway to the soul and the wonderfully characterful sugar models below by Bambola di Zucchero clearly show that “the eyes have it.”

gumpaste figure models by Bambola di Zucchero

Setting the scene can add also add enormously to the magic of wonderfully crafted sugar model, with two superbly crafted pieces by the Little Lady Baker and Made in Cake (below, left and right respectively).

sugar models and sugar scenes by Little Lady Baker left, Made in Cake right

Learn some of the secrets of Bambola di Zucchero sugar artistry with their free tutorial here for their sugar model below: sugar model tutorial.

sugar model tutorial by Bambola di Zucchero

A custom cake topper with the birthday boy or girl jumping out of their cake makes a great surprise with a glamorous lady sugar model below by The Cake That Ate Paris.

birthday cake sugar model jumping out of cake by The Cake That Ate Paris

A selection of animated facial expression features feature below from sugar artist Carol Deacon.

sugar model facial expressions cake toppers by Carol Deacon

Our final topper this week is another of Carlos Lischetti’s wonderful pieces of sugar art, striking the perfect balance between whimsicality and sophistication in his autumn themed sugar model below.

Carlos Lischetti sugar model dressed for autumn

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