Sugar Myths & Fantasies

Amber Adamson of Slice Custom Cakes

One of the most spectacular international cake artist collaborations was unveiled across cyberspace today and has been lighting up the cake world since dawn with magnificent interpretations of Sugar Myths & Fantasies.

Dreamt up by Amber Adamson of Slice Custom Cakes, work started almost a year ago in signing up some of the world’s most talented cake sculptors and craftspeople to the project. And while the original collaboration theme ran a-ground due to copyright issues, team member Ruth Rickey was the one who hit on the myths and fantasies theme – a dream collaboration theme for talented cake artists bursting to unleash their creativity.

Zoe MacDonald of Zoe Pop's Cakes

By Zoe MacDonald of Zoe Pop’s Cakes

From that moment on, the Sugar Myths & Fantasies Team have eaten, slept and breathed fairies, woodland creatures, greek mythology, fantasy creatures – everything and anything their imaginations could cook up on land, sea or in the air.

Calli Hopper of Callicious Cakes left, and Viki Kane of Just A Little Dessert Company right

By Calli Hopper of Callicious Cakes (left) and Viki Kane of Just A Little Dessert Company (right)

Collaboration founder, Amber Adamson, tells us of the journey culminating in today’s unveiling: “The collab members have been extremely supportive. All have amazed me in ways I can’t even imagine. I felt so amazed and humbled by all the artists that agreed to join the project. Loren O’Neill Ebert, Anna Garcia, Miguel Guerrero, and Heather Sherman have all been my right arm. I am so grateful for their help, their coordination advice, technical support and just general, willingness to be there at the drop of a hat.

And the highlight of the project? “It’s been an absolute pleasure to introduce this collaboration of the most spectacular artists I have ever had the pleasure of meeting online. Their talents are outstanding and their cakes are simply divine pieces of artwork.
“I wanted us to showcase all the different types of possibilities for the theme given. Using tiered cakes, cookies, cake pops, and sculpted cakes, we’ve chosen to take you the viewer on a journey into the magical world of fantasy. From fire breathing dragons, and dark mythology to the smallest of fairies and underwater sea creatures. The only thing limiting you is your imagination!”
You can see the full spectacular display of mythological and fantastical sugar art at the collaboration’s website: Sugar Myths & Fantasies
And you can also show your support to the artists online who have contributed their time, energy and talents to the project via the dedicated collaboration Facebook page here:
Julie Tenlen, The Sweet Life by Julie left and by Jean Rettmer right

Cake art by Julie Tenlen, The Sweet Life by Julie (left) and by Jean Rettmer (right)

Congratulations to all the Sugar Myths & Fantasies artists on spectacular collaboration!