Surfer Cakes

Surfer Cakes by Blissfully Sweet Cakes and Hello Naomi Cakes

Surfing has exploded in popularity in the UK in the last few years and with that has come the demand for surfer cakes for parties and celebrations.  A surf-themed cake is a big hit for 21st birthday parties and the college generation. Here are some of the best surf cakes from cake designers around the world.

The featured cakes above are two very pretty pastel cakes by Blissfully Sweet Cakes (left) and Hello Naomi Cakes (right).  While you wouldn’t automatically associate surfing with pastel shades, it’s a combination that works really well together as these two cake designers have artfully demonstrated.

Below, we have two very simple, yet very striking, buttercream-frosted surfer cakes from Nest Design Studio (left) and Sweet and Saucy Shop (right).

surfer cakes in buttercream frosting

Below, are two more easy-to-create surf board cake designs from Albertsons via Kara’s Party Ideas (left) with brown sugar for sand, and from Blissfully Sweet Cakes  (right) with fondant frills creating a wave affect.  You’ll find a tutorial here to showing you how to make fondant frills.

surf board cakes from Albertsons via Kara's Party Ideas left anf from Blissfully Sweet Cakes right

Below, we have two beautiful wave design cakes perfect for a wedding or party with a beach theme or ocean theme. (Cakes by The Cake Girls (below left) and The Royal Bakery (below right).

surfer cakes from MarthaStewart (left) and Royal Bakery (Right)

Next up, a surfer girl cake from Annie’s Cakes (below left) and a great surfer mom (!) cake by Ruth Pearse, Cakes We Bake contributor (below right). The tropical sugar flowers really add a pretty touch to these two cakes making them ultra girly.

surfer cakes for girls

 For surf dudes we have ultra cool cake designs from Freckles Baby Cakes (below), (below left), Rozzie’s Cakes (below right) and AJ’s Moonlight Bakery (below).

surfer cake from Freckles Baby Cakes.jpg


surfer cakes


surfer cake by aj's moonlight

 For our grand finale, we have two masterpiece surfer cakes from Erivana Cakes and the famed Pink Cake Box.

Surfer cakes by Erivana and thepinkcake

To help you design your own surfer cake, we have some tips and tutorials here:

To make the surfboard, first check any lily cutters you may have as sometimes these work as surfboard shapes.  Otherwise, you will find a surfboard template here that you can print off, glue to cardboard and use the cut-out to cut a surfboard shape from modelling paste.

Cake Central have a handy wave template here and Circle of Crafters have a palm tree template  if you want to create 2-D shapes for the side of your cake. Or if you want to make a 3-D palm tree topper for the cake, you’ll find a tutorial here.

Wilton also provide a tutorial on beach cake techniques for making sand and water effects.

Finally, we have superb tutorial here on how to make a very simple, yet spectacular wave cake using a disposable plastic cup!

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