Lace Wedding Cakes – Suspended Lace Edging

lace trim wedding cakes with lace edging by Rachelle's left, Cotton & Crumbs right

Suspended lace edging is emerging as one of the most popular design trends in lace wedding cake styles this year. It’s a favourite amongst leading designers because it creates an enhanced lace silhouette with a strong vintage influence.

Rachelle’s Cakes have blended two lace styles in their soft, feminine design above ( top left). Doilie lace adorns the top and bottom tiers, with a glittering lace trim suspended over the edge of the middle tier, creating an ephemeral floating effect.

Trendsetters Cotton & Crumbs have been with working with suspended lace edging in their recet designs and as always, are a strong influence in current trends. Pale gold/champagne pearl – the colour tone of the seaon – features in their design (top right), with suspended lace edging perfectly complemented by piped pearl swags and applique floral lace.

antique lace edging wedding cakes by Cotton & Crumbs

More from Cotton & Crumbs above with a silver lace border alternating with suspended lace tiers for a fabulous effect.

Shades of pale peach and ivory paired with bridal white lace create a beautiful palette in the designs below by Sugar Ruffles (left) and Torta Couture Cakes, (right) enhanced with suspended lace edging for a decided antique look.

antique lace edging wedding cakes by Sugar Ruffles left and Torta Couture Cakes right

Slightly deeper tones of peach are paired with scalloped lace edging in the antique lace wedding cakes below from Samantha’s Cake Design, Jersey (left) and the Bite Me Bakery, UK (right).

antique lace wedding cakes by Samantha's Cake Design, Jersey left, Bite Me Bakery UK right

Heavy lace detailing creates a vintage fairytale wedding cake below by The Cake Zone, Florida (left) and on the right, the Kirsty Wirsty Cake Emporium pairs smart pearls with chic quilting and an antique style lace trim.

antique lace wedding cakes by The Cake Zone, Florida left and Kirsty Wirsty Cake Emporium right

A double tier of suspended lace edging creates a marvelous antique style wedding cake below by Priya Maclure of Sugarpot.

antique lace wedding cake by Sugarpot

The Abigail Bloom Cake Company are renowned for their ability to design and recreate antique style wedding cakes with a subtle modern update. Their beautifully textured “Rosetta” design below incorporates a central suspended tier, with lace top and bottom edging creating fabulous design detail.

antique lace wedding cake by Abigail Bloom Cake Design

Zoe Clark uses a simple scallop trim in her contemporary lace wedding cake below to set off the suspended tiers for a fresh and young look.

There are many ways to give extra height to a wedding cake design and using a miniature footed cake stand or pedestal stand for the top tier is one of the most stylish and on-trend ways to do so. The Designer Cake Company have done just that with their elegant wedding cake design below (image from Photography by The Twins).

lace edging wedding cakes by Designer Cake Co, Photography by The Twins left, Zoe Clark Cakes right

A lace swag border is fabulously overpiped with delicate lace detailing in this elegant wedding cake byThe Cake Artist, Melanie Marley.

lace piping byThe Cake Artist, Melanie Marley

Heavy lace detailing works perfectly with an overhanging scallop lace trim in this splendid wedding cake design by Poppy Pickering.

antique lace wedding cake by Poppy Pickering

Lustred lace edging gives an ethereal finish to this suspended lace wedding cake, with lavender accents peeping through in a design by Sweet Love Cake Couture.

lace edging wedding cake with lavender accents by Sweet Love Cake Couture

As a side design, scalloped lace creates a beautiful effect with two great designs from Sugar Couture Cupcakes & Cakes (below left) and McGreevy Cakes vintage doll cake (right).

scalloped lace cakes lace swag cakes by Sugar Couture Cupcakes & Cakes left, McGreevy Cakes right


Marina Sousa teaches the tricks of the trade for creating suspended tiers in her Creative Separators class on Craftsy, including the two designs below (plus that gorgeous tree peony, below left). Get all the details right here: Creative Separators – Building Better Cakes.

Creative Separators by Marina Sousa

Plus, check out the selection of lace border moulds below to create your own fabulous take on this design style.

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