Wedding Cakes Inspired by Geology – Marble, Agate, Geodes & Precious Metals

While marbled fondant might be the bane of decorators who missed a spot when mixing color through fondant, marble wedding cakes are definitely having a moment in the cake world. Alongside their cousins - precious metals, geodes and agate - wedding cake art is taking its cue from geology and some of … [Read more...]

A Great Idea for 2017….

This Christmas why not give yourself the gift of a wonderfully relaxing new year when the clamor for festive cakes dies down, and enjoy the tutelage of multi-award winning international cake artist, Liz Marek on The Sugar Geek Show, her fabulous online cake decorating school. Learn some of the … [Read more...]

Floral Wreath & Garland Wedding Cakes: Part 2

Since we first published our original Floral Wreath and Garland Wedding Cakes feature, we've come across so many more beautiful designs in this fabulous boho style that we simply had to do a Floral Wreath Cakes feature, Part 2. Plus, for a tutorial on how to create a gumpaste flower … [Read more...]

Tiled Wedding Cake Tutorial from Lindy Smith

Vibrant colours and contemporary designs are the hallmark of Lindy Smith's cake decorating and her brand new book, Simply Modern Wedding Cakes, is jam packed full of inspiration for the cake decorator. This week, Lindy shares with us an excerpt from her book - the stunning "Something Blue" tiled … [Read more...]

New Metallics: Wedding Cakes in Rose Gold, Bronze & Copper Tones

Rose gold wedding cakes and bronze and copper metallic finishes are the contemporary style trend of the summer. Paired with complimentary pastels shades and primary accent colours, the new metallics are the base for some exquisite colour pairings. Erica O'Brien and Cakesalouisa achieve colour … [Read more...]

Wafer Paper Frills, Ruffles & Accents

The evolution and continuous innovation that's taking place in cake art has seen cake designers explore new possibilities for wafer paper decor in cake design. Moving beyond the much-loved wafer paper flowers the medium is largely associated with, designers are exploring the wonderful qualities of … [Read more...]

Wafer Paper Flowers: Texture & Movement

The art of wafer paper floristry has captured the imagination of cake artists the world over in the past year with the craft developing even further as a result - from the original contemporary and playful style to texturised, garden style blooms that almost rival gumpaste flowers for their … [Read more...]

Jewelled Sugar Flowers, Part 1 – Crystal Centres

Whether it is a delicate touch of elegance or over-the-top glamour you wish to add to your wedding cake design, adding jewelled centres to your sugar flowers can achieve either effect beautifully. Helen Mansey of Bellissimo Cakes achieves the perfect balance with her magnificent jewelled peonies … [Read more...]

Wedding Cakes in Watercolours

Watercolour art is making a big impression in wedding cake design this year with misty, faded pastels and soft washes creating the most beautiful backdrops to showcase outstanding displays of sugar floristy, wafer paper art and gilded design details. The mesmerizing watercolour wedding cake … [Read more...]

Petal Shaped Wedding Cakes

Inspired by the base tier arrangement of the royal wedding cake of the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge, petal shaped wedding cakes have made a huge comeback in cake design. No longer a throwback to 1980's style sugarcraft, cake design couturiers, Peggy Porschen & Faye Cahill have made petal … [Read more...]