Pinata Cakes & Tutorials

Mexican-style "pinata" cakes with sweets hidden inside are a huge hit for children's parties. For Easter,  Sugar, Cinnamon & Love have created a  fabulous mini Easter surprise cake with a chocolate bunny hidden inside that even us grown-ups would love. This magical little Easter cake is made … [Read more...]

Cupcake Bouquets & Tutorials

With the peak wedding season winding down after the summer, lots of you cake decorators will have more time to try out new decorating ideas. For commercial cake decorators, cupcake bouquets have the potential to bring in an excellent additional revenue stream if marketed well.  They make a … [Read more...]

How to Make Stiletto Cupcakes

Stiletto cupcakes?! What sort of crazy sugarcraft genius would it take to come up with such a concept?! The sugarcraft geniuses that are Karen Tack & Alan Richardson of course. These super girly cupcakes are just one of many of awe-inspiring designs featured in their book Cupcakes, Cookies, and … [Read more...]

Easy Cupcake Decoration: Poured Fondant

Easy cupcake decoration is always something we're in favour of here at Cake Geek. While we don't usually feature cupcakes here, preferring to stick to larger cakes, this cupcake decoration from The Cupcake Daily Blog really caught our eye. The cupcakes are iced with poured fondant which gives a … [Read more...]