Gumpaste Magnolia Tutorial – Quick & Easy Sugar Flower Tutorials

One of the great things about the gumpaste magnolia is that it’s very quick and easy to make as you’ll see in this tutorial. And yet it is a spectacularly showy flower for cake decorating due to its size and the combination of its pristine white petals and its beautiful and detailed … [Read more...]

Gumpaste Pansy Tutorial – Quick & Easy Sugar Flowers

This gumpaste pansy tutorial only takes minutes and the flowers make the most exquisite floral finishing touch to lots of cakes and bakes, from layer cakes to loaf tin cakes to tray bakes. While fresh pansies are an edible flower, it’s always handy to have a box of these gumpaste pansies to hand for … [Read more...]

Gumpaste Cosmos Tutorial

Continuing our Quick & Easy Sugar Flower Tutorials Collection, this gumpaste cosmos tutorial incorporates "thread stamen" which is a great technique to learn and will stand to you for lots more sugar flowers, if you want to expand your repertoire beyond the more popular sugar flowers like roses, … [Read more...]

Quick & Easy Gumpaste Ranunculus Tutorial

Ranuncula are one the most beautiful flowers in nature and despite their intricate look are surprisingly easy to recreate in gumpaste.  For this sugar flower, you don’t need a special cutter. A single circle cutter (1.5 inch/4cm) makes all the petals for this gumpaste ranunculus. I’ve … [Read more...]

Easy Gumpaste Lavender Tutorial

Gumpaste lavender makes add a wonderful botanical feel to a sugar flower arrangement and is another great one to have in your repertoire to add a pretty finishing touch to your home bakes and cakes when fresh lavender is out of season (as well as gumpaste pansies which you’ll find a tutorial for … [Read more...]

Quickest Ever Gumpaste David Austin Rose Tutorial

With their layer upon layer of intricate inner petals the David Austin rose can be very time consuming to re-create in gumpaste but we have a super fast method for doing so in our gumpaste David Austin rose tutorial below. You’ll be churning out gardens full of them in no time! The completed … [Read more...]

Gumpaste Anenome Tutorial

Anemone flowers come in lots of different colours – white, pink, purples and lavender, reds and more – and while it’s a popular garden flower, many varieties are native to woodland areas, which makes it a great addition to woodland themed wedding cakes and party cakes. Materials Black … [Read more...]

Large Gumpaste Rose Tutorial – Quick & Easy Rose with Textured/Torn Petals

This large gumpaste rose tutorial is for a wired rose but don't worry, there is just one central wire - the petals do not have to be wired individually, which saves a tonne of time. Plus it features a rather unconventional method of creating textured/torn petals which gives a beautiful, … [Read more...]

Easy Wired Hydrangea Tutorial

This is a quick and easy tutorial to make wired gumpaste hydrangea flowers that doesn't involve trying to adhere fiddly little centers onto wires or waiting for the centers to dry overnight. These hydrangea can be made all in one go instead of over two days. Supplies Gumpaste in your chosen … [Read more...]

Quickest Ever Gumpaste Dahlia Tutorial

You can save so much time creating pretty dahlias with this super easy gumpaste dahlia tutorial. The size of the finished flower is approximately 3.5-4 inches/9-10cm. It uses the FMM Dahlia Cutter (pictured below) but this method may work with other cutters such a gebera/sunflower cutters so give it … [Read more...]