Writing in Icing: Piped Lettering

Writing in icing or piped lettering is one of the most daunting challenges for many of us cake enthusiasts. And we probably put off learning and practicing it for as long as we get away with it, turning time and time again to our trusty letter cutters.  Yet we all secretly yearn to pipe fine elegant … [Read more...]

Lace Wedding Cakes Part 2: Lace Piping

The ultimate challenge for most wedding cake decorators is a piped lace wedding cake.  And while it truly is an art form, there are some techniques to help the beginner create a beautiful lace effect on wedding cakes quite easily. As for the detailed, intricate lace piping of yesteryear, all the … [Read more...]

Elegant Chocolate Wedding Cake

This is a superbly elegant chocolate wedding cake by Kanya Hunt in Cape Town. The piped scrolls and garlands give the cake a classical look, but it's the pearlized and embossed white chocolate that really gives this cake its sophistication. Chocolate texture sheets are used to create the embossing … [Read more...]

How to Pipe Buttercream Ruffles & Frills

Buttercream ruffles and frills make up the final part of our buttercream piping series. The terms are used interchangeably, but here at Cake Geek we tend to call the design above buttercream "ruffles" and the designs at the bottom of the page, buttercream "frills".  Whatever terms you use, both … [Read more...]

How to Pipe A Buttercream Petal Cake

A buttercream petal cake is a super sweet design for any occasion and very easy to create.   The two beautiful examples above are via Glorious Treats and Catch My Party, with two more pretty petal-piped cakes below by Blissfully Sweet Cakes by Jackie (via Style Me Pretty) and Couture Cupcakes & … [Read more...]

How to Pipe Buttercream Roses

Buttercream roses and piping are a huge trend in cake design at the moment and the trend looks set to grow and grow. The beautiful trio of piped buttercream rose cakes are by The Layered Bakeshop (Ryan Ray Photography), while the cake designs below are from I Am Baker and the Sisters Cake … [Read more...]

Royal Wedding Cake Inspiration

Royal wedding cake designer, Fiona Cairns has added a beautiful new cake design to her collection inspired by the magnificent cake she created for the wedding of Prince William & Kate Middleton. While the replica is still relatively grand at 5-tiers, it is a smaller, simpler version of the … [Read more...]