Autumn Berries Fall Wedding Cakes

Autumn blackberries, brambles, sloe berries and berried ivy are making an appearance in wedding cake design like never before with nature inspired wedding cakes taking centre stage this fall. The breathtakingly beautiful blackberry and edible moss design above from Martina Bliedung of Floralilie … [Read more...]

Woodland Wedding Cakes – Part 2

Woodland wedding cakes continue to evolve with ever more imaginative and authentic designs being created by talented cake designers. (You'll find more on Woodland Wedding Cakes listed at the end of this feature.) Laugh Love Cakes have created a beautfully bridal style woodland wedding cake (above … [Read more...]

Tree Bark, Woodgrain & Tree Stump Cake Tutorials

From the simplest to the more detailed, we've all the best woodgrain, tree bark and tree stump cake tutorials from the web this week, (plus a collection of Birch Tree Cake Tutorials in Part 2). Starting with The Juniper Cakery's fabulous floral wedding cake above, learn how to re-create their … [Read more...]

Birch Tree Cake Tutorials

Following on from our Tree Bark/Woodgrain & Tree Stump Cakes tutorials, we also have a selection of the best birch tree cake tutorials online. Starting with Shawna McGreevy's birch tree cake perfection above - see Shawna's excellent tutorial here: birch tree cake tutorial. … [Read more...]

Bohemian Wedding Cakes in Soft Shades

As summer comes to a close, bohemian wedding cakes in soft shades remain a favourite for brides. (See more summer designs in our earlier feature: Wedding Cakes for the Boho Bride). Still the go-to designer for the boho bride, Amy Swann displays her sugar flower mastery in the tumbling floral … [Read more...]

Bohemian Wedding Cakes in Rich Tones

As autumn slowly closes in, colour palettes for the bohemian wedding favour deeper shades of mauves, lilacs, deep pink and rich reds. Nicole McEachnie blends naked cake tiers with a gold leaf covered tier and loose foliage in the true spirit of bohemian decadence and abandon, above left. On … [Read more...]

Floral Wreath & Garland Wedding Cakes: Part 2

Since we first published our original Floral Wreath and Garland Wedding Cakes feature, we've come across so many more beautiful designs in this fabulous boho style that we simply had to do a Floral Wreath Cakes feature, Part 2. Plus, for a tutorial on how to create a gumpaste flower … [Read more...]

Naked Cakes: Woodsy & Floral

Naked cakes are one wedding cake trend which evokes mixed reactions from decorators - those who adore them and those who start to miss their fondant if separated from it for a little too long. Either way, their huge popularity with brides means naked cakes are here to stay and even if you aren't a … [Read more...]

Wildflower Wedding Cakes

Wildflowers make the perfect wedding cake adornment for a relaxed, bohemian wedding in the countryside. In our feature cake above, "torn paper" effect ruffles, lace and duck egg blue make the most fabulous combination dressed with garlands of wildflowers with golden dragonflies flitting between … [Read more...]

Winter Woodland Wedding Cakes

Enchanted forests and woodland settings are amongst the most popular wedding themes this year and since winter lends itself perfectly to this theme we're spotlighting some of the most beautiful winter woodland wedding cakes for this year's winter brides. Starting with De La Rosa Cupcakes' … [Read more...]