Stencilled Lace Wedding Cakes

Rose gold and pink wedding cake by Suzanne Esper, Craig & Eva Sanders Phot left, Designer Cake Co right

With the fabulous selection of cake stencils now on the market, it makes it super easy to create beautiful lace wedding cakes in a matter of minutes. To enhance the lace effect even more, use edible cake lace mix instead of royal icing for extra white lace that photographs … [Read more...]

How To Speed Up Ganaching & Frosting


We all love getting to the decorating stage of cake making, but a sharp, crisp edge and smooth base is essential before we do so. One of the more frustrating aspects of cake making is coating and re-coating your cake with frosting or ganache until you get it just right. But now you can cut down … [Read more...]

Layer Cake Love – Ode to Sweetapolita

Sweetapolita cakes, pastel swirl vanilla cake left, meringue dream cake right

It's the perfect simplicity and instant satisfaction that a beautiful layer cake gives us that draws Cake Geek time and time again to the wonderful multi-colored world that is Sweetapolita. The prettiest cake blog in cyberspace, Sweetapolita is the creation of confectionary genius, Rosie Alyea, … [Read more...]

Antique Crown Cakes

antique crown cake toppers, Cakes by Krishanthi lef, image by Weddings by Nicola & Glen, right Steve Steinhardt Photography via SMP

Cake Geek was fully expecting to have a new baby Prince or Princess in the UK by now and so this week's feature was planned in his or her honour. But the little royal baby is keeping us all waiting, so in anticipation of the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge having a healthy, happy new baby this week, … [Read more...]

Lace Wedding Cakes – Suspended Lace Edging

lace trim wedding cakes with lace edging by Rachelle's left, Cotton & Crumbs right

Suspended lace edging is emerging as one of the most popular design trends in lace wedding cake styles this year. It's a favourite amongst leading designers because it creates an enhanced lace silhouette with a strong vintage influence. Rachelle's Cakes have blended two lace styles in their soft, … [Read more...]

Floral Framed Cakes

floral framed monogram wedding cakes by Petite Cerise left, Nadia & Co right

A monogrammed cake design has always been a classic, stylish cake choice but encircling the lettering with a floral frame adds an up-to-the-minute design element reflecting the current trend towards floral themes. In our feature cake above left by Petite Cerise, simple white blossoms add an … [Read more...]

The Magic of Edible Icing Sheets

edible icing sheets vintage floral wedding cakes by Sweet Celebrations, Dave Abreu Photography via WedLuxe right, Piece of Cake left

Edible icing sheets printed with vintage floral patterns or striking contemporary designs are one of our favourite ways to add impact to a cake design. Paired with beautiful forals, you can create spectacular wedding cake designs and even create a cake that perfectly complements the artwork of a … [Read more...]

Rustic Christmas Cakes & Winter Berry Cakes

rustic christmas cakes winter berry cakes from Pinterest left, Call Me Cupcake right

Rustic style cake decorating really comes into its own for the festive season with an abundance of simple decorations to create that pared-down, natural look for holiday cakes. Frozen berries add a wonderful iced effect to a christmas dessert with a beautiful example (above left) by Laugh Love … [Read more...]

The Prettiest Giant Cupcake Cakes

cupcake cakes by the Buttercream Bakery Hinckley left and The Happy Little Baker right

Giant cupcake cakes are one of the prettiest birthday treats with the added advantage of having a super fast turn-around time for busy decorators.  In fact, there isn't much decorating to do, as the shaped cupcake tin does most of the work, especially if you opt for an all-buttercream … [Read more...]

Graduation Cakes

graduation cake by Jen's Little Teacup Bakery

A special graduation cake makes a beautiful confectionery tribute to the hard work and achievement of a new graduate. Graduation cakes are getting more and more popular each year and this week we have a selection of some of our favourites from top cake designers. Our feature cake is by the Little … [Read more...]