Antique Crown Cakes

Cake Geek was fully expecting to have a new baby Prince or Princess in the UK by now and so this week's feature was planned in his or her honour. But the little royal baby is keeping us all waiting, so in anticipation of the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge having a healthy, happy new baby this week, … [Read more...]

Spring Wedding Cakes in a Woodland Style

The most beautiful spring wedding cakes incorporate elements of nature and the turning of the seasons including spring blooms and rustic styling. German cake designer, Martina Bliedung of Floralilie has captured the essence of early spring wonderfully in her exquisite snowdrop wedding cake above, … [Read more...]

Rustic Christmas Cakes & Winter Berry Cakes

Rustic style cake decorating really comes into its own for the festive season with an abundance of simple decorations to create that pared-down, natural look for holiday cakes. Frozen berries add a wonderful iced effect to a christmas dessert with a beautiful example (above left) by Laugh Love … [Read more...]

Reindeer Cakes

As regular readers of Cake Geek & our Facebook page know, we've developed a slight obsession with deer themed cakes lately (if you missed it see our recent super cute Baby Deer Cakes feature). So we've decided to kick off our Christmas cake decorating coverage this year with, your guessed … [Read more...]

Knit Effect Cakes

Scandinavian style baking has exploded in popularity in the last year and now "Scandi chic" has crossed over into cake decorating with Scandinavian inspired knit patterns becoming one of the coolest winter cake designs of the moment. For the off-beat bride, two super on-trend knit effect wedding … [Read more...]

Navy Wedding Cakes – Vintage & Modern

With navy topping the the list of classic and elegant bridesmaid colours for winter weddings, we've been checking out the collections of top wedding cake designers to see how they incorporate this colour trend into their bridal creations. Strings of pearls paired with navy and accented with gold … [Read more...]

The “Erica” Bow

Cake Geek has long been a fan of innovative US cake designer, Erica O'Brien but one of our favourite Erica trademarks is her unique and contemporary statement bow.  It's a style motif that translates perfectly to both wedding cakes and special occasion cakes and never fails to make a … [Read more...]

Bas Relief Cake Decorating

Bas relief is a fabulous technique for cake decorating that has been brought to the fore by the innovative cake designs of US designer, Maggie Austin. Bas relief is a term borrowed from the art of sculpture and refers a pattern that is raised up from the surface of a piece of art. Two fine … [Read more...]

Edible Sequins for a Touch of Sparkle

We've had jewelled cakes, we've had beaded cakes - now it's the turn of sequinned cakes. A cake design trend trail-blazed by Lori Hutchinson of The Caketress, edible sequins on cakes is the hottest trend in wedding cake design at the moment. (Update: Check out our latest features on Gold Sequins … [Read more...]

Beaded Wedding Cakes – Silver Beading

Silver beading adds a wonderful vintage feel to a wedding cake design, as well as adding an extra touch of luxury. The incredibly beautiful cake design above was created by top international wedding cake designer, Canada's Connie Cupcake Luxury Cakes with an exquisite beaded motif creating a … [Read more...]