Textured Effects: White Woodgrain

white woodgrain wedding cake with textured detailing and white irises by Lina Veber Cake

Woodgrain textured cakes and earthy brown tree bark finishes are hugely on-trend in cake decorating this year but one of the most elegant interpretations of the trend in nature inspired wedding cakes has been woodgrained effect impressed on pristine white fondant, popularized by the wedding cake art of Maggie Austin.

Stunning white sugar irises and peach blossoms climb the beautifully textured white woodgrain wedding cake above by Lina Veber Cake with bas relief detailing adding a further touch of elegance.

Below, glistening sugar pearls and antique cameos adorn one of the original designs by Maggie Austin which inspired the beautiful white woodgrain textured design trend.

woodgrain texture in white wedding cake by Maggie Austin Cake

A hauntingly beautiful winter wedding cake is given a rustic finish with frosted branches and an embossed woodgrain textured effect in a design by Shannon Bond.

woodgrain winter wedding cake by shannon bond

Torta Couture Cakes achieve the white woodgrain effect with piped detailing in this super stylish winter wedding cake design of theirs from a number of years ago, as beautiful and sophisticated still as it was the day it was first created.

piped woodgrain effect wedding cake by Torta Couture Cakes

Zoe Clark’s beautiful composition of apple blossom branches and soft pink roses below is a perfect match with a woodgrain textured wedding cake.

white textured woodgrain wedding cake by Zoe Clark

A delicate waterfall of pastel pink sugar flowers float above and then cascade down this woodgrain textured creation by T Bakes (below left). On the right, woodgrain texture is embossed on a soft pink tier paired with a faded grey wash and an elegant display of sugar floristry in a design by the Sophie Bifield Cake Company (image by Melanie Re Photography).

rustic woodgrain texture in pastels by T Bakes left, Sophie Bifield right with Melanie Re Photography

Two beautiful varieties of garden rose framed with lime green leaves and forest green ivy make a perfect accompaniment to this divinely textured bas relief-over-woodgrain cake creation by Lina Veber Cake.

textured effect cake with white woodgrain by Lina Veber Cake

Tiny sugar pearls and lace motifs bring an extra touch of bridal elegance to this exquisite white rose adorned cake by Lina Veber also.

white woodgrain cake textured with lace and beading by Lina Veber Cake

Meaningful words, birds and exquisitely crafted succulents come together in this unique wedding cake design by Sweet Little Morsels Cakes (below left), while the simplicity of textured fondant, brings undeniable elegance to this bake by Jonathan Caleb Cake (below right).

textured tree bark effect wedding cakes in white by Sweet Little Morsels Cakes left, Jonathan Caleb Cake right

Maggie Austin tops her woodgrain textured creation below left with a stylish cluster of autumnal toned flowers and skeletonised leaves, while her original cameo woodgrained design is re-interpreted in square tiers by Lemon Tree Cakes, below right.

white woodgrain cakes by Maggie Austin left and Lemon Tree Cakes right

Trails of yellowed leaves and soft pink blooms bring an autumnal air to this beautifully woodgrained textured cake by T Bakes.

textured woodgrain effect wedding cake by T Bakes

The Berliosca Cake Boutique goes large in the choice of statement floral corsage to set off their woodgrain and falling blossoms design below left, while gold tinted bas relief elements lend a fabulous old world ambience to the cake below right by Lemon Tree Cakes.

white woodgrain effect wedding cakes by Berliosca Cake Boutique left, Lemon Tree Cakes right

To create a woodgrain effect on a freshly covered fondant cake, you can you woodgrain embossing mats (see selection below) or for a very subtle grained effect, a small raw silk/fabric effect rolling pin.

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