Tumbling, Trailing Sugar Flowers

white dendrobium orchids wedding cake by Peggy Porschen

Tumbling, trailing sugar flowers are the one of the most luxuriant wedding cake design styles of the moment and supremely in vogue with the recent launch of Peggy Porschen‘s floral wedding cake collection, starring the outstanding white dendrobium orchid wedding cake above (image by Georgia Glynn Smith Photography).

Inspired by the botanical trend underway in cake decorating, trailing sugar flowers falling from tier to tier creates a floral feast for the eyes.

Bobbette and Belle, Canada have also been featuring cascades of pastel blooms and clusters of lilac wisteria in their luxe wedding cake collection, with two superb examples below (image right via WedLuxe).

trailing sugar flowers wedding cakes by Bobette and Belle right

Sprigs of foliage can also be used to created the tumbling effect, with a stylish summer garden style wedding cake (below left) by Maki’s Cakes illustrating this beautifully. On the right, delicate tendrils of trailing sweet pea blooms create a fairytale romantic floral wedding cake below by Peggy Porschen (image via So Your Getting Married).

trailing flowers wedding cakes by Makiko Searle left and Peggy Porschen right via So Your Getting Married

A close-up of Peggy’s wondrous sweet pea sweet wedding cake creation, below (image by Georgia Glynn Smith Photography, including the following three below).

Delicate sweet peas and the trailing white dendrobium orchids in our feature cake (top) are just two of the many sugar flowers Peggy teaches you how to create in her terrific new book, Cakes in Bloom (see more on Cakes in Bloom here).

sweet pea wedding cake by Peggy Porschen

Pastel blooms and voluminous sugar flowers create a floral spectacular below, with three of the opulent garden style designs from Peggy Porschen’s new “Floral Wedding Cake Collection.”

Peggy Porschen's floral wedding cake collection

Blushing blooms cascading from each tier and climbing roses add a delightful country charm to this elegant, feminine wedding cake below, also from Peggy Porschen’s collection.

Blushing Blooms wedding cake by Peggy Porschen

Indeed, Peggy has long been a fan of cascading sugar flowers with two exquisite lily of the valley wedding cake designs below from her enduringly popular “Signature Wedding Cake Collection”.

lily of the valley wedding cake by Peggy Porschen, image left Georgia Glynn Smith

The Cocoa Cakery demonstrate beautifully how sprigs of foliage or herbs can be used with classic white roses to bring a botanical touch to a classic wedding cake design below.

trailing flowers wedding cake by The Cocoa Cakery

Vintage cake couturiers, Cotton & Crumbs, have incorporated clusters of trailing blooms in a number of their “old world” cake designs including the pale blue wedding cake, below left.

On the right, Rachelle’s Bespoke Cakes add a rustic touch to their antique style lace wedding cake (below) with beautifully placed trailing sprigs of berries.

trailing sugar flowers wedding cakes by Cotton & Crumbs left and Rachelle's right

Another vintage masterpiece by Cotton and Crumbs with lace applique accented with clusters of white trailing blooms.


And it’s not just sugar flowers that can be used to create a stylish cascade effect –  Faye Cahill Cake Design, Australia and The Sugar Plum Cake Company, have incorporated cascades of sugar ruffles in their two elegant designs below for an added touch of glmour.


A delicate lace pattern and clusters of pastel blossoms tumbling over the edges of each tier makes a effortlessly pretty summer wedding cake below by The Designer Cake Company.

trailing sugar flowers wedding cake by The Designer Cake Company

Pockets of sugar flowerss trailing from tier to tier create a beautiful summer garden feel in this luxurious communion cake design by Alessandra Frisoni.

trailing sugar flowers communion cake by Alessandra Frisoni

Piped buttercream flowers and delicate trailing tendrils set against a soft pink background create a supremely pretty wedding cake design below by Haute Sweets.

piped buttercream flowers and trailing tendrils wedding cake by Haute Sweets

Sprays of golden fern add a wonderful autumnal feel to the wedding cake design below left from Martha Stewart Weddings.

On the right, Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium have created a striking summer wedding cake design in powder blue, accented with antique lace and the prettiest of pink sweet peas.

autumn wedding cake from Martha Stewart Weddings left and sweet pea wedding cake by Elizabeth's Cake Emporium right

Tiers dressed with cascading sugar flowers are a trademark of Rosalind Miller Cakes’ designer wedding cake collection also with the delightful peach peony wedding cake below.

trailing sugar flowers peach peony cake by Rosalind Miller

An explosion of summer colour in Rosalind Miller’s beautiful summer garden wedding cake below, complete with tiny sugar bees for an authentic feel.

trailing sugar flowers cake by Rosalind Miller

Trailing foliage and berries add a beautiful botanical touch to a wedding cake, as demonstarted by the buttercream piped floral cake by Lulu Cake Boutique, below left and the claret, ivory and green design by Faye Cahill, below right.

trailing flowers wedding cakes by Lulu Cake Boutique left and Faye Cahill Cake Design right

The Abigail Bloom Cake Company, London have used delicate trails of white blossoms in their pretty bridal design below left.

On the right, a simple cake adorned with fresh blooms, including sprays of freesia, one of the most beautiful flowers to use in your cake decorating (image by Mariano Friginal).

trailing sugar flowers wedding cake by Abigail Bloom left and fresh freesia right, image  marianofriginal .com

Below, a spectacular sugar flower creation by Rosalind Miller Cakes with sprays of tumbling lily-of-the-valley creating an almost waterfall-like effect in this beautiful peach wedding cake centrepiece.

trailing sugar flowers and peonies wedding cake by Rosalind Miller

When it comes to tumbling, trailing sugar flowers, Amy Swann’s wedding cake designs come alive with the meadow-fresh authenticity of her sugar flowers, including two of her most recent wedding cakes below.

trailing sugar flowers wedding cakes by Amy Swann Cakes

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