Vintage Birdcage Cakes

Bird cage cakes by Peggy Porschen

A birdcage wedding cake is one of the most chic vintage cake designs of the moment.  Blogger Torie Jayne has posted an excellent tutorial on her blog on how to make and decorate a vintage birdcage cake, and the good news is, it’s much easier than you think!  Zoe Clark also has instructions for this cake design in her book Cake Decorating at Home.

A vintage bird cage cake makes a wonderful cake, not just for weddings, but for lots of occasions like birthdays and anniversaries also, as the beautiful examples show above by Peggy Porschen (above) and below, from Made With Love Cakes on the right and via Tumblr on the left.


Vintage shades of blue are the most popular colours for the bird cage cake design but paler pastels are fabulous for this cake design also, with examples below by Boutique Affairs (left with photo by Lee Bird) and from Rachelle’s Cakes (below right).

bird cage wedding cakes from Boutique Affairs(Photo by Lee Bird) left and from Rachelle's Cakes right

We have two exquisite cakes below by two of the UK’s leading wedding cake designers below:  Jelly Cake (left) and Sugar Ruffles (right).

birdcage cakes

And another beautiful example in pastel pink from Alma Pasteles.

bird cage cake by Alma Pasteles

And a beautiful lavender first birthday cake from The Little Cherry Cake Company below showing the versatility of this cake design for lots of occasions.

bird cage cakes from Little Cherry Cake Company

While the pinks and lilacs above are beautiful shades for this cake design, shades of pastel green are a very elegant choice for this cake style also as demonstrated by the superb works of art by Rachelle’s Cakes (below left) and by Life is What You Bake It (below right).

(You can learn how to make the fabulous Rachelle’s Cake bircage on Pretty Witty Cakes here).

birdcage cake by planet cake uk and also by Life Is What You Bake It

Shades of peach and gold make for a more unusual colour scheme, but work wonderfully nonetheless, with two beautiful vintage cakes  in these tones below from Eat Cake Be Merry (left) and by Tartufi Cakes (right).

bird cage wedding cakes by Eat Cake Be Merry left and by Tartufi Cakes right

For true vintage opulence, Cocoamoiselle have created this superb bird cage wedding cake in a unique ornate style.

bird cage wedding cake from CocoaMoiselle


Lindy Smith has created the majestic birdcage cake below for Craftsy where she teaches the full step-by-step process to create this cake, including her sculpting and stencilling techniques.  You’ll find all the details here: Vintage Cake Design: Sculpting and Stenciling with Lindy Smith

birdcage cake tutorial by Lindy Smith on Craftsy

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