Vintage Teddy Bear Cakes

vintage teddy bear cake topper and cake by Sanna's Tartor

Vintage teddy bears make an adorable theme for children’s party cakes bringing a lovely old world feel to a cake design. Sanna’s Tartor captures the magic of a vintage teddy perfectly in her pastel blue and white striped birthday cake design above, with worn teddy bear fur adding the perfect touch of authenticity.

Marie’s Kakeverde teddy bear family are another wonderful example of how textured teddy bear fur and priceless little facial expressions really bring teddy bear models to life.

teddy bear family cake toppers by Marie's Kakeverden

Buttons and bow ties accesorize this little teddy bear chap perfectly in a vintage children’s birthday cake design by Scrumdiddly Cakes.

vintage teddy bear cake for boys by Scrumdiddly Cakes

You can almost feel the softness fur on this magical little girl’s teddy bear cake from Emma Jayne Cakes, finished with a swish pink bow and pretty airbrushed lettering.

vintage teddy bear cake for girls by Emma Jayne Cakes

A sweet little boy’s teddy bear is contructed in 3D with fantastic detailing by Sweet Ruby Cakes below left, while on the right, Bake-A-Boo, New Zealand’s much admired tatty teddy cake shows teddies everywhere what fur really is!

Elina walks us through how she created her famous teddy bear cake in her blog post here: teddy bear cake tutorial.

You’ll also find another great teddy bear cake tutorial here from Much-A-Munch, plus more here on carving/sculpting a teddy bear cake from the Lick The Spoon blog.

tatty teddy bear cakes by Sweet Ruby Cakes left, Bake A Boo right

Vintage styling makes this little girl teddy bear cake by Albina J Cakes a sweet addition to a lucky little girl’s birthday party, while on the right, an exquisite teddy bear by Leslea Matsis makes you want to pick him up and cuddle him, instead of eating him!

vintage teddy bear cake topers by Albina J Cakes left and Leslea Matsis right

A Leslea Matsis teddy bear makes a super luxurious cupcake topper below left, with a pretty pink dress and bow making a fabulous finishing touch to the Kirsty Wirsty Cake Emporium’s teddy bear cake, below right.

vintage teddy bear cakes by Leslea Matsis left, Kirsty Wirsty Cake Emporium right

Zoe’s Fancy Cakes tops her baby cake design below left with a smiling little teddy bear with cute textured fur. On the left, another of Leslea Matsis vintage teddy bears sits prettily atop a vintage hatbox cake in a pretty party dress that brings this teddy bear to a whole new level of cuteness!

vintage teddy bear cakes by Zoe's Fancy Cakes left, Leslea Matsis right

A whole family of vintage teddy bears take up residence on this splendid birthday cake below by Alessandra Frisoni with momma bear keeping an eye on all the little bears from the cake top.

teddy bear cake toppers and sugar models by Alessandra Frisoni

Textured bear fur and cute little poses make this second Alessandra Frisoni teddy bear cake a showpiece with pretty painted detailing and summer blossoms fluttering from teddy bear to teddy bear.

vintage teddy bear cake by Alessandra Frisoni Cake Studio

More beautiful bears from Alessandra Frisioni below on a classic pink and brown polka-dotted design.

teddy bear cake by Alessandra Frisoni

An antique style bear is the perfect cake topper for Ann Marie’s Cakes‘ (US) adorable eyelent lace cake below left, while on the right, a vintage teddy bear cake is finished with garlands of bows in a classic design from Sylvia Weinstock.

antique teddy bear cakes by Ann Marie's Cakes US left, Sylvia Weinstock right

Teddy bear cakes for little boys don’t come better than these two outstanding creations below from Samantha’s Cake Design, Jersey left, and Shawna McGreevy of McGreevy Cakes, right.

vintage teddy bear cakes by Samantha's Cake Design, Jersey left, McGreevy Cakes right

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