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wafer paper flowers cakes by Missy's Custom Cakes left and Jelly Cake UK right

Wafer paper flowers have taken the cake decorating world by storm this year thanks to the fabulously creative and contemporary floral designs by Stevi Auble at Hey There Cupcake in San Diego. Stevi’s work has inspired decorators the world over and Craftsy now have three classes dedicated to wafer paper cakes presented by the master of the art herself, Stevi Auble (more details on Stevi’s class at the end of this feature).

To get you started making your own wafer paper flowers, we have some tutorials for you here:

(Don’t miss Wafer Paper Flowers – Part 2 here).

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Wafer Paper Flowers tutorials by Stevi Auble of Hey There Cupcake including wafer paper dahlia tutorial on Craftsy

While most of the stand-out designs to date with wafer paper flowers have been contemporary in style, wafer paper flowers work beautifully with vintage style cakes also to create a soft, blousy style flower, with two gorgeous examples above by Missy’s Custom Cakes (top left) and Jelly Cake UK (top right), both with fabulous pearl centres

Below, we have one of Hey There Cupcake’s latest designs with a strong vintage influence blending soft wafer paper roses with 2-D handpainted floral appliques for an exquisite multi-dimensional cake design. And on the right, some fantastically realistic wafer paper peonies, again from Stevi.

wafer paper flowers and painted appliques by Hey There Cupcake plus wafer paper peonies right

The Netherland’s Sweet Lake Cakes have created two fabulous shabby chic style cakes below in candy pink and vintage blue, adorned with terrific over-sized wafer paper flowers.

wafer paper flowers vintage cakes by Sweet Lake Cakes

Inspired by a beautiful Claire Pettibone gown, designer Sada Ray of the Flutterby Bakery, Brighton created this beautiful wedding cake dressed with ethereal wafer paper roses in pristine white against and ivory background.


Dutch designers Cake Your Day created the wonderfully vintage style cake below with elegant printed vintage patterns and a contemporary twist with ribbon loops and a wafer paper flower-covered central tier.

wafer paper flowers cake vintage style by Cake Your Day

An exquisite over-sized wafer paper peony below, also by Cake Your Day.

wafer paper peony by Cake Your Day

A marvellous selection of wafer paper decorated cakes below (not just flowers) from Pretty Witty Cakes, including a fabulous wafer paper lace cake on the right.

wafer paper flowers tutorial on Pretty Witty Cakes

A close-up of the variety of wafer paper blossoms adorning the botton tier of this fabulous ice blue cake by Hey There Cupcake (see the full size image below).

wafer paper flowers by Hey There Cupcake

Another ice blue beauty with gold accents and wafer paper flowers this time by Cove Cake Design (below left) and Hey There Cupcake design (below right, via The Cake Blog).

wafer paper flowers wedding cakes blue by Cove Cake Design left and Hey There Cupcake right via The Cake Blog

A selection of softly tinted wafer paper flowers and fans adorn this chic vintage style cake by Lorena Gil Vasquez of More Sweet Cupcakes, Switzerland.

wafer paper flowers vintage style cake by Lorena Gil Vasquez, More Sweet Cupcakes, Switzerland

Wafer paper/rice paper is probably the best medium for making edible ranunclua flowers allowing you to capture the wafer thin effect of this cupped flower just perfectly.  A beautiful white ranunclus flower features in the pretty white cake (below left) by Made by J4 Cake.

To the right, delicate wafer paper flowers are embellished with edible pearl centres and paired with vintage lace piping in a beautiful grey wedding cake design by Natalie Madison’s Artisan Cakes.

wafer paper flowers cakes by Made by J4 Cake left and Natalie Madison's Artisan Cakes right

Olofson Design UK have created a superb sculptural wedding cake design below centred on a dramatic assymetrical floral design based on the dahlia petal shape, the most on-trend sugar flower of the moment (see last week’s Compendium of Sugar Flowers for dahlia tutorials).

wafer paper flower wedding cake by Olofson Design UK

Combining  a silver metallic finish with over-sized wafer paper roses and a ruffle rose base tier, Romeo and Juliet Cakes have designed a super on-trend silver and white wedding cake below.

wafer paper flowers silver metallic wedding cake by Romeo and Juliet Cakes

Exquisite hand-painted vintage style flowers set against a chic black backdrop, antiqued gold accents and delicate wafer paper peonies, anemones and gold accents, makes this cake design by Hey There Cupcake one of the stand-out cake designs this year

wafer paper flowers cake handpainted from Hey There Cupcake

Fabulous wafer paper tulips and pastel pink gumpaste anemones are paired with super-cute mini black hearts in this ultra pretty design below by Erin Gardner of The Wild Orchid Baking Company. (See Erin’s latest Craftsy class here: Cakes in Full Bloom)

wafer paper tulips and hearts by The Wild Orchid Baking Co.

A pastel pink and blue pairing with an asymmetrical arrangement of wafer paper flowers in a pretty cake design by Amelie’s Kitchen Wedding Cake Design (below left). Below right, another beautiful cake by Hey There Cupcake showcasing the wafer thin petals than can be created with rice paper/wafer paper in this pretty blue peony and snowberry design.

wafer paper flowers cakes from Amelie's Kitchen Wedding Cake Design left and Hey There Cupcake right

“Ditsy pattern” prints are a style trend not just in fashion this year but in cake design also, with a fabulous example from Stevi Auble below in super cute baby’s birthday cake, with a splash of brightly-coloured wafer paper flowers.

wafer paper flowers 1st birthday cake by Stevi Auble, Ashley Keleman Photography via 100 Layer Cakelet

Cobalt blue is an unusual colour in cake design but the designs below show just how striking it is. Below right, Stevi Auble has created a stunning blue watercolour effect cake and a hand-painted blue floral cake paired with fabulous coral and pink wafer paper flowers.

To the right. Layers and Crumbs have designed a distinctly vintage style cake with gold accents and damask stencilling whilst giving it a chic contemporary edge by opting for a bright, cobalt blue palette.

wafer paper flowers cakes blue  by Hey There Cupcakes left and Layers and Crumbs right

Below, we have two abulous patisserie style cakes in chocolate and gold by Jen’s Just Desserts dressed with beautifully crafted wafer paper corsage.

wafer paper flower cakes by Jen's Just Desserts

More sensational wafer paper florals in an elegant metallic gold cake design below by Michelle Keel, Scrummy Mummy’s Cakes.

wafer paper flowers and metallic gold wedding cake by Michelle Keel, Scummy Mummys

Pink on pink makes a fabulous style statement in the wafer paper rose design below left by Gillian Mercer Cakes.

To the right, the ever creative Miso of Miso Bakes demonstrates the possiblities of what can be created with wafer paper in your cake decorating, using a similar (but clearly inedible medium –  paper coffee filters).  You’ll find more on Miso’s design here via The Cake Blog: coffee filter flowers.

wafer paper flowers by Gillian Mercer Cakes left and Miso Bakes right via The Cake Blog


If you’d like to learn from leading wafer paper artist, check out Delicate Wafer-Paper Cakes with Stevi Auble on Craftsy in which she teaches the basics of her wafer paper flowers and foliage, plus added wafer paper decor including lace trim, die-cuts and decoupage. Get all the details here: Delicate Wafer-Paper Cakes, with Stevi Auble

wafer paper flowers by Stevi Auble of Hey There Cupcake on  Craftsy

…as well as Stevi’s second wafer paper class just launched on Craftsy: Bold And Beautiful Wafer Paper Flowers covering 6 fantastic flowers – wafer paper dahlia, wafer paper ranuncula, wafer paper anemones and poppies, a garden rose and a chrysanthemum, as well as adding texture to your wafer paper flowers for realistic effects.

Stevi also covers her four main pillars of cake design, what patterns and colors work together well, including her tips for using patterned icing sheets in cake design. Find out more here: Bold And Beautiful Wafer Paper Flowers.

Wafer Paper Flowers tutorials by Stevi Auble of Hey There Cupcake including wafer paper dahlia tutorial on Craftsy

Update: There’s now a third wafer paper class available from Stevi Auble on Craftsy. Get all the details plus 50% OFF right here Wafer Paper Party Cakes.

Wafer Paper Party Cakes class with Stevi Auble on Craftsy

Also, check out Myton Ouano’s painted and shaped-wafer paper designs in his Craftsy class online: Simple Techniques for Artistic Cakes.

Myton Ouano tutorial on Craftsy

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