Wildlife & Nature Inspired Wedding Cakes

pheasant wedding cake by The Enchanting Merchant Co. autumn wedding cake

Autumn is one of the most magnificent seasons from which to draw inspiration for wildlife and outdoors inspired wedding cake designs.

The Enchanting Merchant Company have created this stunning and unique tribute to the great outdoors (above) with game season inspired tartan and fabulously crafted pheasant and deer decor.

A beautifully detailed hand-painted snipe is the centrepiece of this charming creation by The Artful Bakery, Ireland (below left).

On the right, the addition of a pair of pheasant feathers to an autumnal arrangement of berries and foliage adds a beautiful, wildlife inspired element to this design by Krumblies Wedding Cakes.

wildlife inspired wedding cakes with pheasant feather cake by Krumblies Wedding Cakes right, handpainted snipe cake by The Artful Bakery, Ire

Silhouetted deer roam the forestry of this incredible autumn wedding creation by Viva La Cake (below left), dressed with a splendid harvest of autumnal adornments – much like Martha Stewart’s delicate tuile leaf cookies on the right for which you’ll find the recipe here: autumn leaf cookies.

autumn forest wedding cake with deer by Viva La Cake left, tuile leaves from Martha Stewart

This beautifully structured floral arrangement brings a wonderfully rich array of autumn colours to this enchanting woodland relief masterpiece by Sveet Bo and Frank.

autumn woodland wedding cake wildlife inspired cake for fall wedding by Sweet Bo and Frank

A sequins and pink wedding cakes is magically transformed into a woodland wonder with a woodsy arrangment of flowers and foliage and handpainted leaf details the design below left by The Dainty Bow Bakery.

The wonderful detailing on the stunning deer sculpture (below right) brings an element of magic to this woodland cake creation by Sweet Little Treat Cakes by Karin (right).

autumn woodland wedding cake by The Dainty Bow Bakery left, deer cake sculpture by Sweet Little Treat Cakes by Karin right

A delightful little hedgehog lumbers through crunchy fall leaves in this charming hand-painted cake by Mon Cottage Cupcakes.

autumn woodland cake with hedgehog by Mon Cottage Cupcakes

A little family of woodland foxes brings a beautiful custom touch to the rustic wedding cake design of Sweet Little Morsels, below right.

On the left below, this happy little woodland fox demonstrates the incredible precision and personality of the wonderful sugarwork of Carlos Lischetti from one of the tutorials in his latest book: Animation in Sugar – Take 2.

fox cake toppers woodland wedding cake by Sweet Little Morsels right, fox sugar model by Carlos Lischetti from Animation in Sugar, Take 2

An entire family of forest creatures have been masterfully crafted by Avalon Yarnes (below) in a spectacular cake art display.

woodland animals by Avalon Cakes

The Cake Tin have created a most impressive owl cake topper to grace their tree bark cake below, with a giant wingspan of wafer paper feathers.

owl cake with wafer paper feathers by The Cake Tin

This peacock-feather topped piece by Faye Cahill (below left) is a wonderfully contemporary take on the woodland theme in a chic sage palette (you can get a peacock feather tutorial here), while the amazing sculpted deer cake by Sylvia Weinstock, on the right, is simply breath-taking in true Syliva Weinstock style.

rustic wedding cake in sage with peacock feathers by Faye Cahill Cake Design left and sculpted deer cake by Sylvia Weinstock right

Embossed, textured finishes add a truly elegant design touch to the wedding cake designs below from The Cake That Ate Paris, but it’s the wonderfully botanical, woodland inspired arrangments of flowers, foliage, berries and feathers set at angle that makes these designs fabulously chic and unique.

botanical style wedding cakes via The Cake That Ate Paris

Rustic feathers inspired by game season paired with strings of draped pearls make for an elegant, vintage inspired wedding cake below for the autumn bride who wants elegance and nature to come together in her wedding cake design (image via Pinterest).

wildlife inspired vintage wedding cake with rustic feathers and draped pearls, image via Pinterest (uncredited)

You’ll find a fondant feather tutorial here from Jessica Harris Cake Design and also from Shawna McGreevy – fondant feather tutorial.

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geode cake tutorial, wreath cake tutorial and antler wedding cake tutorial by Rachel Teufel

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