Winter Wedding Cake Trends

Winter Wedding Cakes by Brooklyn Cake (left) and Sweet and Saucy Shop (left)

Winter wedding cake design has really come into its own in the past two winters.  No longer is the standard winter wedding cake option red roses set against a white iced cake. Instead, there are an array of cake trends for brides to choose from.

One of the biggest winter wedding cake trends this year is an extension of the jewelled wedding cake trend, with silver being a perfect colour accent for this time of year.

The beautiful silver and black accented wedding cake (above left) by Brooklyn Cake features a vintage art deco style pattern, softly blurred with a falling snow effect. An exquisite sugarcrafted antique style brooch around the middle tier completes this vintage jewelled show-stopper.

California’s Sweet and Saucy Shop have created the equally beautiful sparkling silver winter wedding cake (above right). Delicate trails of silver piping cleverly create a winter ice effect for a glamorous winter wedding.  The silver lines can be piped using a small piping bag of silver piping sparkles/piping scintilloes or alternatively, the lines can be piped in regular white royal icing and painted over with lustre dust once dry with a thin paintbrush (and a steady hand!)

Below left, US cake designer Maggie Austin has created a silver multi-textured wedding cake, perfect for the winter season. With Maggie’s signature frills on the bottom tiers, the upper tiers are artfully draped with silver pearl detailing inspired by a Jenny Packham wedding gown. (Maggie currently has a tutorial on creating fondant frills available on Craftsy for those interested in learning more about her particular technique: Online Cake Decorating Class).

Below right, a beautiful falling snow effect is created with sugar pearls in silver, cream and white wired on to clear flexible wire (the type sold in fishing tackle stores would be ideal!) and arranged delicately over the cake for a beautiful winter wedding cake design. (Image Credit: We Are Weddings).

winter wedding cake by Maggie Austin with sugared pearl detailing (left) and winter wedding cake by We Are Weddings (right)

Inspired by the jewelled wedding cake trend, shades of silver and grey are the on-trend colours for winter weddings this season and next. Grey paired with cream makes a beautiful winter wedding colour combination and is showcased exquisitely in the stunning winter wedding cake designs below by internationally renowned designers The Caketress (below left) and Erica O’Brien (below right).

Winter Wedding cakes in grey and cream by The Caketress (left) and Erica O'Brien (right)

A rustic garland of cream roses, silver foliage and pine cones encircles this vintage lace doile wedding cake design by Swedish designer, Mina Magiska Bakverk.

winter wedding cake Mina Magiska Bakverk

Snowy pine cones are mixed through Alessandra Frisoni’s winter cream and grey floral and foliage display below adding an extra rustic touch to this striking winter forest style wedding cake.

winter wedding cake by Alessandra Frisoni

Shades of grey tinted with a delicate hint of blue is the other big colour statement for winter weddings this season and next. Australian designer, Sharon Wee, has created a beautiful wedding cake design featuring grey ruffle rosettes with a delicate hint of blue, complimented with glamorous silver accents. The tutorial to create this cake design is available to purchase through Sharon’s website here (plus lots more fabulous tutorials). (See our Ruffle Rose Cakes feature for more on this style cake design. You’ll also find lots more metallic silver cake design inspiration in our feature on Silver Anniversary Cakes and Wedding Cakes .)

We have a second beautiful example of the winter grey and blue colour palette (below right) which incorporates exquisite antique style vintage jewels. Cream roses add warmth to the overall design. (Image via Pinterest).

Silver grey wedding cake by Sharon Wee (left) and on the right, from Pinterest

Pale blue again features in the rustic winter wedding cake design below left by Barcelona’s Yocuna Arte en Azucar, paired with winter white blooms and twisted hazel branches.

Pale blue teamed with silver leaf creates a magical icy feeling in Sweetlake Cakes’ design, below right.

pale blue winter wedding cakes by Yocuna left and Sweetlake Cakes right

The softest of blues paired with winter white creates a beautiful backdrop for Rosalind Miller‘s “Winter Garden” cake below. On the right, the Little Cherry Cake Company’s stylish “Winter in New York” wedding cake is finished with a brooch and statement bow in the palest of blue for an added touch of winter elegance.

winter garden wedding cake by Rosalind Miller left, winter blue wedding cake by The Little Cherry Cake Company right

While “white on white” wedding cake designs have always been popular for smart summer weddings, winter brides are embracing this style more and more for sophisticated winter weddings, resisting the urge to introduce splashes of red or other traditional Christmas colours. A pristine white-on-white wedding cake always makes an impact, as can be seen from the striking examples below by D’Ellissious Cake Studio of Aspen (image via below left, and below right by Kate Sullivan of Cake Power.

Winter Wedding Cakes from D'Ellisious Cake Studio of Aspen (left) and image on right from Pinterest

Last week we featured the iconic “Footsteps in a Winter Forest” cake design by Cake Opera Company in our feature on “framed” wedding cake designs. The influence of this design can be seen across many winter weddings this season. Cakes by Krishanthi have designed the beautiful  “Secret Garden” cake below left which would be perfect for a winter forest themed wedding, as would the jewelled winter forest effect cake below right (image: Barebone Photography via Pinterest). For a tutorial on drop-string piping in royal icing, see our feature here: Royal Icing Piping TechniquesDrop String Piping.

winter forest wedding cakes by Cakes by Krishanthi (left) and from Pinterest (right)

Winter “special effects” cakes continue to be an enduring trend in winter wedding cake design.   The winter snow cake pictured below left is by sugar art teacher, Jennifer Dontz. The cake is covered in sparkling snow created with coarse sanding sugar sprinkled over a slightly dampened fondant cake.  To add extra sparkle you can add in edible white glitter or crushed “magic sparkles” available from sugarcraft stores. (Image below right from Juxtapost).

Winter Wedding Cakes with sparkling snow effect (Images from Pinterest and Juxtapost)

Sugar icicles really add a wow factor to a winter wedding cake and we have a tutorial here on how to make icicles for your cake , as shown on the cake below left by the UK’s Cakeability Green (Image credit: Cake Central).  The cake design (below right) also features icicles, but in this case, piped onto the cake. (Image: Kristyn Harder Photography).

icicles cake tutorial from Cake Central by Jackie (left) and  image on right by Kristyn Harder Photography

Icicles can also me made from clear isomalt sugar and you’ll find tutorials here from our earlier feature on jewelled wedding cakes to show you how to work with isomalt.  The icicles can be made from either shards of hardened isomalt or can be pulled into hanging icicle shapes while still soft. A beautiful example of a hand-painted cake decorated with shards of winter icicles can be found here by Canadian artist, Nadia & Co.

We have two final winter “special effects” cakes below – on the left, the effect of overhanging snow is created with sugar pearls clustered on the edge of the tiers (Image: Fashionable Bride). Below right, lustre dust and horizontal lines etched into the fondant create a winter ice effect from Eat Cake Be Merry via

winter wedding cakes from fashionable (left) and right, from Eat Cake Be Merry via

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