Winter Woodland Wedding Cakes

winter woodland wedding cake christmas wedding dispkay by De La Rosa Cupcakes

Enchanted forests and woodland settings are amongst the most popular wedding themes this year and since winter lends itself perfectly to this theme we’re spotlighting some of the most beautiful winter woodland wedding cakes for this year’s winter brides.

Starting with De La Rosa Cupcakes’ outstanding seasonal wedding cake display above, layers are fern foliage are interwoven with red orchids, seasonal berries and winter cream for a most beautiful woodland wedding cake display.

Pines cones and winter spruce are highlighted with bright red berries and an artful arrangement of woodland twigs in the stylish rustic winter wedding cake below (left) by Karen Keaney of Roses & Bows Cakery. On the right, Hazel Wong has fashioned an amazing oversized seasonal wreath as the centrepiece of her fabulously antiqued and bas relief textured winter design below.

christmas woodland wedding cakes by Karen Keaney of Roses & Bows Cakery left and Hazel Wong Cake Design right

An asymmetrical-shaped spray of woodland foliage and perfectly placed blooms in winter red make an elegant wedding cake finishing touch in the design below left (image by Melanie Gabrielle Photography via Ruffled).

On the right, a cornucopia of winter berries, pine cones and rustic twigs bring the winter forest to life on this beautiful, nature inspired wedding cake (image via Once Upon A Wedding).

winter woodland wedding cakes christmas wedding cakes by melanie gabrielle photo via Ruffled left,  Once Upon A Wedding Co. left Melanie Gabrielle Photo

A simple monogram is beautifully framed by reindeer antlers in this fabulously rustic, natural winter woodland wedding cake display by The Pastry Studio.

winter wedding cake winter woodland wedding cake christmas wedding by The Pastry Studio

Sprays of sugar holly leaves, berries and branches create an artful frame for this beautifully handpainted deer wedding cake by cake artist, Natasha Collins of Nevie Pie Cakes (image via Squires Kitchen). On the right, sugar dusted berries, cinnamon sticks and forest foliage all add to the enchantment of this winter forest wedding cake display (image by Jacque Lynn Photography).

winter woodland wedding cakes by Nevie Pie for Squires Kitchen Mag left, image right by  jacquelynnphoto .com

The winter forest is captured beautifully in the two designs below – an intricate winter foliage, succulents and twisted hazel arrangement against textured buttercream by Kaysie Lackey of The People’s Cake, and a pretty mistletoe garlanded wedding cake design on the right from Erin Gardner of Erin Bakes/Wild Orchd Baking Company (image by Eye Sugar Photography).

woodland wedding cakes by The People's Cake, Kaysie Lackey left and Wild Orchd Baking Co, Eye Sugar Photography right

Laura Loukaides backdrops a beautiful cascade of winter white roses with sprigs of forest foliage and twinkling gold berries for a beautifully elegant winter wedding cake design.

On the right, Sweet & Saucy Cakes have artfully woven sprigs of foliage through winter white blooms for a decidely bohemian winter woodland wedding cake (image by Brooke Merrill Photography).

winter woodland wedding cakes by Laura Loukaides left, Sweet & Saucy right with Brooke Merrill Photography

Snow-covered antlers make for a statement winter wedding cake topper on this beautifully textured woodland wedding cake by Cakes by Krishanthi (image by Weddings by Nicola and Glenn).

winter woodland wedding cake stag antlers by Cakes-by-Krishanthi, image by Photography by Nicola and Glenn

Frosted branches and silver-centred winter blooms create an elegant winter woodland wedding cake below from Sweet As Sugar Cakes.

winter woodland wedding cake by Sweet As Sugar Cakes

Forest green foliage adds a beautiful woodland touch to this winter wedding cake (below left) with textured blooms perfectly complementing a fondant frilled base tier in a design by Laugh Love Cakes. On the right, Eat Cake Be Merry add sparkle to their winter woodland wedding cake design with glamorous silvered leaves and berries paired with rustic cones.

rustic winter wedding cakes winter woodland by Laugh Love Cakes left, Eat Cake Be Merry right

“Winter Frost” was the beautiful winter theme around which Amy Swann designed her winter wedding cake masterpiece below – a study in sugar floristry perfection capturing the essence of the winter countryside (David Stubbs Photography, left).

winter woodland wedding cake by Amy Swann Cakes, David Stubbs Photography

Snowy greyed foliage and textured buttercream evokes the beauty of a winter snow scene in the elegant wedding cake design (below left) by Sweet and Saucy.

Dove grey tiers and woodland foliage dressed with cream blooms add a beautiful winter touch to the ruffled, snowy-textured wedding cake design (below right) from Madisons on Main.

winter woodland wedding cakes by Sweet and Saucy left, Madisons on Main right

Beautiful artistry and design by Kara Andretta of Kara’s Couture Cakes makes for an inspired winter woodland wedding cake (below left).

On the right, bridal lace is blended beautifully with winter forest foliage in a perfect mix of elegance and rustic chic by Renay Zamora of Sweetface Cakes (image by Leila Hunt Photography).

winter woodland wedding cakes by Kara Andretta of Kara's Couture Cakes left & Sweetface Cakes, Renay Zamora, Leila Hunt Photography as featured on Cake Central Magazine

A stylish snow-covered berried wreath is given a couture finish with a lavish traling bow in the chic winter wedding cake design (below left) by Swt Creation.

Shannon Bond captures the haunting beauty of a winter forest in her beautiful birch tree winter wedding cake below, given a seasonal touch with a red berry spray and a simple white sugar bloom.

winter woodland wedding cakes for christmas wedding by Swt Creation left, Sharon Bond Cake Design right

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geode cake tutorial, wreath cake tutorial and antler wedding cake tutorial by Rachel Teufel

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