Woodland Wedding Cakes – Part 2

deer antlers wedding cake by Laugh Love Cakes, Brittany Mahood Phot left, woodland wedding cake by Madison Lee's Cakes right

Woodland wedding cakes continue to evolve with ever more imaginative and authentic designs being created by talented cake designers. (You’ll find more on Woodland Wedding Cakes listed at the end of this feature.)

Laugh Love Cakes have created a beautfully bridal style woodland wedding cake (above left) with a white deer antlers emerging from a white rose and foliage wreath above a antiqued gold middle tier and white woodgrained bottom tier (image by Brittany Mahood Photography).

Madison Lee Cakes, New York have crafted the astonishing woodland wedding cake (above right) covered in edible moss and woodland vegetation creating a surreally authentic and imaginative wedding cake for a woodland inspired wedding reception.

Here have some tutorials to inspire your own woodland cake decorating:

woodland wedding cakes by Sainte G Cake Company left, Madison Lee's Cakes right

Sprays of woodland foliage and a charcoal ribbon make a rustic yet elegant wedding cake design by Sainte G Cake Company, left. Peeling birch bark in white/grey is perfectly blend with cream florals and grey/green foliage by Madison Lee’s Cakes, right

birch bark wedding cake by Madison Lee's Cakes Bear Ciere Phot left, woodland fern wedding cake by Erica O'Brien right

Trailing ivy is the perfect finish to this towering birch bark wedding cake by Madison Lee’s Cakes (Bear Cieri Photography), left. Erica O’Brien adorns her charming woodland wedding cake (right) with wafer paper maidenhair fern and skeletonised leaves made with edible cake lace.

woodland fern wedding cake by Erin Bakes left, Maggie Austin right

Trailing fern and ivy bring the forest indoors in this nature inspired wedding cake from Erin Bakes left. On the right, layers of “torn” fondant are topped with falling blossoms by Maggie Austin

enchanted woodland wedding cakes with edible moss by The Cake Project left, Floralilie right

Creeping moss and hanging amaranthus make the perfect frame to a secret doorway in this enchanting wedding cake by The Cake Project left. On the right, a close up of the fabulous edible moss, toadstools and blackberries from the Floralilie woodland wedding cake also featured in Autumn Berries Fall Wedding Cakes.

enchanted woodland wedding cake with deer and celtic motifs by Roses & Bows Cakery, Lotus Eyes Phot.

Karen Keaney of Rosess & Bows Cakery’s spectacular design featuring a mystical tree spirit tier, a handpainted deer at sunset framed with deer antlers and ancient celtic jewellery motifs on the bottom tier (Lotus Eyes Photography)

woodland wedding cakes Sweet Dreams Cakery, Adrienne Gunde Phot left, Rosalind Miller right

An inspired woodland wedding cake display left by Sweet Dreams Cakery (Adrienne Gunde Phot) and Rosalind Miller’s beautiful “Ameythyst Forest” design, right

deer antlers wedding cakes by Miso Bakes left, Fine Cakes by Zehra right

A wonderfully creative deer antlers cake top design by Miso Bakes left, with a handpainted deer antler motif by Fine Cakes by Zehra, right

rustic woodland cake with monogram by Erica O Brien Cakes

A rustic mongram cake woodland style Erica O Brien Cakes

wood stump wedding cake with sugar flowers by Ponona Cakes

A fabulously crafted wood stump cake with beautifully coloured sugar flowers by Ponona Cakes

woodland wedding cakes by Steel Penny Cakes left, Pink Cake Box right

Woodland wedding cakes in cream tones by Steel Penny Cakes left and Pink Cake Box, right

woodland wedding cake with fern by CeCe's Sweet Creations

Sprigs of fern bring the perfect woodland touch to this elegant pastel wedding cake by CeCe’s Sweet Creations

woodland fern wedding cake Marjorie Landers Wedding Cakes, Martha Swann Photography via the Every Last Detail

Fronds of fern make a simple yet elegant rustic addition to this white floral wedding cake by Marjorie Landers Wedding Cakes (image by Martha Swann Photography via the Every Last Detail)

wood bark wedding cake by the Shakar Bakery

Rustic wood bark and softly frilled tiers make a stylish juxtaposition in this wedding cake design by the Shakar Bakery

tree bark wedding cakes by Sugar Couture Cupcakes

On trend succulents make a great finishing touch to these tree bark wedding cakes by Sugar Couture Cupcakes

enchanted woodland wedding cake with woodland deer by Nevie Pie Cakes

Magical is the only word to desribe Nevie Pie’s amazing woodland deer wedding cake decked in pretty wafer paper flowers and handpainted details



Learn how to craft reindeer antlers to adorn a beautiful woodland inspired wedding cake, as well as a seasonal winter wreath cake and the exquisite geode cake below in Rachel Teufle of Intricate Icing’s fabulous class on Craftsy, below. Find out more here: Naturally Elegant Cake Designs.
geode cake tutorial, wreath cake tutorial and antler wedding cake tutorial by Rachel Teufel

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