Ballerina Cakes: Part 1

ballerina cakes by Dream Cakes by Robyn left and by Carlos Lischetti right

A beautiful ballerina cake is guaranteed to light up the eyes of any little girl for her birthday.  Whether it’s a classically elegant ballerina cake or a little cartoon-style ballet girl, once it’s pink and it’s pretty, it’s a hit.

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We have two superbly elegant ballet cakes above by Dream Cakes by Robyn (above left) with beautiful hand-modelled ballet shoes and pretty ruffles, and to the right, an unbelievably life-like ballerina by sugar modelling supremo, Carlos Lischetti. You’ll find the full instructions to create this ballerina model in Carlos’ best-selling book: Animation in Sugar.

Sugar and Spice by Nadine Arayssi of Lebanon designed the exquisite pink ballet cake below, with ombre pink ruffles, soft pink ballet shoes and artfully twirled ribbons adding a beautiful design feature.

ballerina cake with ballet shoes by Sugar and Spice by NA, Lebanon

The breath-takingly beautiful ballerina sugar model below left was sculpted by the aptly named Wonder Cake, inspired by the ballet movie, The Black Swan. To the right, Italy’s Enchanted Cakes, Torta d’Incanto, designed the elegant vintage ballerina cake for a beautiful birthday celebration.

ballerina cakes by Wonder Cake left and by Torta d'incante right

More amazing sugar work this time by the very talented Diletta Contaldo in her superb ballerina cake below.

ballerina cake by Diletta Contaldo

Sweet Janis Sugar Art created the wonderful ballerina sugar model, below left, in a perfect ballerina pose. To the right, the simple and elegant ballet style cake was designed by  Sweet Bloom Cakes in soft pink with on trend ruffles and twirled ballet ribbons creating a wonderful effect (image by Tindale Images via TomKat Studio).

(For a tutorial on creating ruffle rosettes, see our earlier feature on Ruffle Rose Cakes.)

ballerina cakes by Sweet Janis Sugar Art left and by Sweet Bloom Cakes via TomKat Studio right

Ballet shoes and music sheets are imaginatively paired in the classical design below by My Sweet Dreams Cakes, Australia.

ballerina cake with ballet shoes by My Sweet Dream Cakes

Pink ribbon is wrapped around the cake (below right) “ballet-shoe style” for a pretty design feature in a cake design by Carina’s Cupcakes (where you can also buy the ballet shoe tutorial: £1.20.)

Below right, we have a very cute cartoon-style ballerina, for which you’ll find the tutorial here:  ballerina model tutorial.

Plus, you’ll find more ballet shoe tutorials here from Cute Sweet Things and the Sugar Teachers blog.

ballet shoes tutorial from CarinasCupcakes. and ballerina model tutorial from coldporcelain tutorials.blogspot .com

To make “standing” ballet shoes, the tutorial for the ballet slippers below is available to buy from Peggy Does Cake here: ballet shoe tutorial.

Ballet shoes tutorial by Peggy Does Cake

Below, we have a fabulous ruffle cake with beautifully modelled ballet shoes designed by Dragonfly Cakes by Maria Pino Albano.

ballerina cake with ballet shoes by Dragonfly Cakes

Shereen’s Cakes and Bakes and  Scarlet Jade Boutique Cakes created the beautiful vintage dusky pink ballet cakes below, left and right respectively.

ballerina cakes by Shereen's Cakes and Bakes left and by Scarlet Jade Boutique Cakes right

A fabric tulle “skirt” adds adds extra drama to the ballet cake design below left by Bulgaria’s Bubolinkata, while Sydney’s Two Little Figs Cakes have created the simple but beautiful ballet cake, below right.

You’ll find instructions on how to make a tutu skirt for your cake here: tutu cake tutorial.

ballet cakes by Bubolinkata left and by Two Little Figs, Sydney right

Two more vintage style ballet cakes below by Cake Von Dee (image by Silk Truffle Photography via Kara’s Party Ideas) below left and via Tumblr, right.

ballet cakes by Cake Von Dee, Silk Truffle Photography via Kara's Party Ideas left and via Tumblr right

A picture tutorial for the very pretty little ballerina cake topper below left can be found here: ballerina model tutorial.

Below right, we have an unbelieveably cute teddy ballerina by Sweet Little Morsels complete with a pink hair bow, tutu and pearl necklace!

ballerina cake topper from Lovely Tutorials left and ballerina teddy cake with tulle tutu from Sweet Little Morsels

Two super girly and super cute ballerina cake toppers below  by Party Cakes by Samantha (left) and by Alessandra Caldeira (right).

ballerina cake toppers by Party Cakes by Samantha via Flickr left and by Alessandra Caldeira right

A pretty ballerina sugar model cake topper by A Beautiful Kitchen, below.

ballerina sugar models cake toppers by via A Beautiful Kitchen blog

Author and cake designer, Karen Davies has designed two beautiful ballerina cakes (below).  You’ll find instructions to make the design below left in her book A Cake for Models or Moulds 1 and instructions for the design on the right in A Cake for Models or Moulds 2

You’ll also find the mould for the ballerina girls, featured as the side design on the cake below right, here: Karen Davies Ballerina Ballet Mould.

ballerina models ballerina cakes by Karen Davies Sugarcraft

Two more simple cartoon style ballerina models for inspiration via Pinterest (left) and via Clayin Around on Flickr (right).

ballerina models  via Clayin Around on Flickr right and via Pinterest left

For a ballet themed birthday party, you can’t go wrong with these fabulous ballet cookies from the Sweet Bakeshop (below left) as well as the wonderful tutu cupcakes from Catch My Party, below right (image by Brooke Photography and Design).

ballet cookies via the Sweet Bakeshop left and tutu cupcakes by Brooke Photography and Design via Catch My Party

You’ll find a tutorial for the pretty ballerina tutu cupcake topper below right here from That Cute Little Cake: tutu cupcake topper tutorial.

tutu cupcake topper tutorial from thatcutelittlecake .com

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Learn how to make this pretty handpainted ballerina plaque and create an antique style crackle finish, plus two other full size cake designs, in Kristen Erich of Bliss Pastry’s class on Craftsy: Three Unforgettable Cakes.

textured cake tutorials by Kristen Erich of Bliss Pastry on Craftsy 600px

Plus, learn how to make a cute ballerina cake topper/sugar model with Rosie Cake Diva in her Craftsy class: Playful Cake Toppers.

Cake Topper Tutorials - Playful Styles by Rosie Cake Diva on Craftsy 600px

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