Chandelier Wedding Cakes

chandelier wedding cakes by Caroline Nagorcka Sculptress of Cakes left and image right via

If there’s one cake style that can both inspire awe in wedding guests and strike fear into the heart of cake decorators, it’s the unstoppable chandelier cake.

It all kicked off with Hollywood star, Kaley Cuoco’s spectacular suspended wedding cake created by The Butter End Cakery but has now inspired brides the world over to turn their wedding cake into a feat of cake engineering/ performance art to mesmerize wedding guests.

The outstanding work of Caroline Nagorcka: Sculptress of Cakes is featured above left in a chic pale grey and silver accented tiers. To the left is the chandelier cake design created for the Kaley Cuoco wedding (and also featured below).

chandelier wedding cake by The Butter End Cakery for the wedding of Kelly Cuoco

Chandelier crystals and magical suspension feature in the awe-inspiring wedding cake centrepieces created by Edible Art by Rinku and Holly’s Cakes (Life Song Photographic), below left and right, respectively.

upside down wedding cakes chandelier wedding cakes by Edible Art by Ringku left and by Holly's Cakes right (Life Song Photographic)

Hanging crystals and drop string piping create beautiful chandelier effects in the two wedding cake designs below by Gifted Heart Cakes, right (Naomi Kenton Photography) and left via Craftsy.

chandelier wedding cakes suspended wedding cakes by  Gifted Heart Cakes right, (Naomi Kenton Photography), image left via Craftsy

Scalloped lace edging and drop pearls are used to create a vintage chandelier side design in the unique pale pink suspended wedding cake below by Cheryl McMillan Cake Design (image by Waldorf Photographic). (You’ll find a scalloped lace mouldand a pearl drops mould here to help you re-create this look.)

suspended wedding cake by Cheryl McMillan, Waldorf Photographic

The orgininal upside down wedding cake chandelier style as created by famed US cake artist, Colette Peter’s of Colette’s Cakes features below left and still remains as awe-inspiring as the day it was created. (You’ll find three great classes by Colette on cake construction, whimsical and vintage designs here on Craftsy also.)

Below right, piped royal icing scrolls are used to dramatic effect in this suspended chandelier cake (image via Pinterest).

chandelier wedding cake by Collette's Cakes left, image right via Pinterest

If hanging a delicately crafted wedding cake upside down is not your idea of cake fun, then there is another way to create a chandelier-like effect – by building a “floating” effect perspex cake separator hung with crystals – it creates a super glamorous wedding cake display and is one of the signature wedding cake styles of UK designer, Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium, featured below.

chandelier wedding cakes by Elizabeth's Cake Emporium UK

Carrie Bradshaw’s wedding cake from the Sex In The City movie (below) was designed as a chandelier-style wedding cake by top designer, Ron Ben Israel and endures as one of the most requested celebrity wedding cake re-creations since.

chandelier wedding cake as featured in Sex andThe City by Ron Ben Israel Wedding Cakes

For instruction on creating “floating” cakes with an array of hidden separator styles, then check out Marina Sousa’s excellent class: Building Better Cakes – Creative Cake Separators with Marina Sousa (50% for today and tomorrow).

A fabulously elegant chandelier separator features in the cake design below left (image via Pinterest). On the right, a vintage style chandelier cake topper adds all the glamour and elegance of a stylish chandelier without the cake acrobatics!  (cake topper from Shabulous Chandeliers.)

chandelier cake topper from right, chandelier style cake via Pinterest right

There are lots of ways to incorporate chandelier chic into a wedding cake design if your bride’s budget doesn’t stretch to a suspended cake – or your nerves simply can’t take it..

Maggie Austin’s incredibly beautiful bas relief design (below left) was inspired by the hanging crystals of an antique chandelier and epitomises vintage grace and elegance. (Learn the techniques behind Maggie’s unique bas relief decorating style in her latest Craftsy class: Decorating in Three Dimensions.)

On the right, the chandelier stencil from the Evil Cake Genius range was used to create the beautiful pattern in this 1920’s inspired wedding cake.

bas relief cake chandelier inspired by Maggie Austin left, chandelier stencil from the Evil Cake Genius right, image via

Cat Campbell of The Cake Whisperer has created the astounding chandelier beaded wedding cake design below left in an amazing detail and on the right, an immaculately finished, clean elegant design by Zoe Clark Cakes (right) created using a chandelier cake stencil (available here.) You’ll find the full instuctions for this cake in Zoe’s book: Chic & Unique Celebration Cakes.

chandelier wedding cakes by The Cake Whisperer left and Zoe Clark Cakes right


If you think your nerves can handle the upside down wedding cake, then Chrissie Boon teaches the tricks of the trade in her Craftsy class below: Building Your Business – Smarter Display Cakes.

chandelier wedding cake tutorial on Craftsy

Also on Craftsy, Marina Sousa teaches how to create hanging crystals for chandelier cakes from isomalt in her Creative Separators class: Creative Separators – Building Better Cakes.

isomalt jewels tutorial for chandelier cakes with Marina Sousa on Craftsy

The beautiful chandelier-inspired wedding cake below is one of a selection of designs taught by Zoe Clark in her latest class on Craftsy here: Zoe Clark’s Charming Cake Designs.

Zoe Clark chandelier cake

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