Jewelled Sugar Flowers, Part 1 – Crystal Centres

jewelled sugar flowers by Bellissimo Cakes left, by Sweet Cakes by Rebecca Custom Dessert Shoppe right

Whether it is a delicate touch of elegance or over-the-top glamour you wish to add to your wedding cake design, adding jewelled centres to your sugar flowers can achieve either effect beautifully.

Helen Mansey of Bellissimo Cakes achieves the perfect balance with her magnificent jewelled peonies above, each floral centre embellished with tiny pearl stamens and a single diamante spray, dressing this delicately piped lace wedding cake (the full instructions for which are in her newly published book, Bellissimo Wedding Cakes).

Sweet Cakes by Rebecca Custom Dessert Shoppe go all-out glamour with their beautifully bejewelled statement sugar flower on the right.

Mignon Daymond of Call Me Cake Face’s signature lustred luxury wedding cakes are the perfect canvas for beautiful, jewelled flowers to enhance the perfect sheen of these elegant wedding cakes below.

sugar flowers with jewelled centres wedding cakes by Call Me Cake Face

A full size crystal brooch makes a stunning floral centre in this glamorous single tier design by Cakes & Biscuits by Lisa (below left), while Make Me My Cake go all out glamour with a heavily embellished diamonds and pearls design (below right).

jewelled sugar flowers by Cakes & Biscuits by Lisa left, Make Me My Cake right

A giant jewel-centred parrot tulip makes a bold and sophisticated statement topper on this stunning wedding cake from a sugar flower class by The Caketress (below).

jewel centred parrot tulip from a sugar flowers class by The Caketress

Clusters of silver stamens add a beautiful focal point to the sugar peonies adorning this unique jewel-encrusted design by Sugar Ruffles (below), with beautiful art deco inspired scalloped detailing.

jewelled wedding cake with silver centred peonies by Sugar Ruffles art deco scallop design

Lisa Roberts Cakes’ exquisite soft pink floral design (below) is heavily embellished with silver and jewelled effects for a magnificent jewelled floral design with beautiful feminine overtones.

wedding cake with jewelled centres silver centres Lisa Roberts Cakes

Oversized sugar flowers in soft pink are given metallic silver statement centres below left by Gateaux Inc. On the right, The Sugar Suite dress their stylish wedding cake below with a floral cascade embellished with jewelled stems for a glamorous finish (image by Kristen Weaver Photography).

silver centred sugar flowers by Gateaux Inc left, cake right by The Sugar Suite, Kristen Weaver Photography

Pastel pink wafer paper blossoms are blended with silvered sugar flowers in this beautiful and unique floral cake design below by Little Miss Cupcakes.

jewelled sugar flowers by Little Miss Cupcakes with wafer paper blossoms

Oversized, ruffle style sugar flowers are adorned with intricate sugar jewelled brooch centres for a ultra glamorous wedding cake creation below by Flower & Flour Designs.

jewelled sugar flowers by Flower &

A winter white cascade of stylized sugar flowers and foliage against a white backdrop makes a beautifully sophisticated wedding cake design (below), studded with silver jewels and trimmed with vintage lace by Edible Essence Cake Art, Plymouth.

jewelled sugar flowers by Edible Essence Cake Art, Plymouth

For a tutorial on how to assemble wired petals, stamens and a jewelled centre, see Lea’s Cooking blog’s tutorial on the beautifully textured wafer paper flower below here: jewelled sugar flower tutorial.

jewelled wafer paper flower by Lea's Cooking

Advertisements: Pearl and jewel-centred sugar flowers add a striking finish to this gravity-defying masterpiece below from the Chrissie Boon chandelier class on Craftsy. Get more details on Chrissie’s class here: Building Your Business with Smarter Display Cakes.

jewelled sugar flowers from the Chrissie Boon chandelier cake class on Craftsy

Nicholas Lodge also has an online class teaching this fantasy jewelled poinsettia on Craftsy. You’ll find the details on this class right here: Sweet Seasons Winter Poinsettia.
jewelled poinsettia tutorial by Nicholas Lodge on Craftsy

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