Suspended Wedding Cakes

suspended wedding cake by The Caketress left, image right from Cami Jane Photography

The most luxurious wedding cake style of the moment is undoubtedly the suspended wedding cake, whether it’s the chandelier style wedding cake which we featured a few weeks back or the garden swing style floral-laden wedding cake, it’s a style that is guaranteed to take your breath away.

One of the most impressive wedding cake displays we’ve seen this year comes, no surprise, from the boundary-pushing Lori Hutchinson of The Caketress, with her amazing floral carousel creation featured above left and below.

Luxuriant beds of romantic roses are one of the top choices of base decor for the suspended wedding cake design, with a romantic arrangement of champagne tones and satin finishes in the design above right (image by Cami Jane Photography).

hanging wedding cake garden style by The Caketress

Faye Cahill’s vintage-style, suspended floral design below left is every girl’s dream, in this case as a luxurious bridal shower cake.  On the right, hanging crystals create the most elegant of suspensions for this classic wedding cake resting on a luxuriant bed of roses (image via Premier Bride).

hanging cake design by Faye Cahill left, suspended wedding caker right via Premier Bride Jacksonville

This pastel hand-painted design with its cascading flower arrangement, is a beautiful declaration of love by Sugablossom.

Suspended cake by Sugablossom

Ruched satin fabric adds extra impact and a contemporary edge to the suspension design of this dramatic wedding cake display (via Style Unveiled).

Suspended Wedding Cake via Style Unveiled

Silver, robed suspension and a statement cake base add to the sense of drama created with this beautiful white wedding cake suspended amidst a sea of glittering glass baubles, below left (image by Megan Pomeroy Photography). On the right, the elegant, textured tiers of this Sweet Hollywood Cakes creation is suspended with strings of glass beads giving this, already exquisite cake a beautifully chic finish.

suspended wedding cake left image by Megan Pomeroy Photography, cake right by Sweet Hollywood Cakes

Glass beading again adds a glamorous touch to this fabulous garden swing style wedding cake display below (image via Pinterest).

suspended wedding cake image via Pinterest

Trailing vines and a bed of twisted hazel add a beautiful wooodland feel to this exquisite suspended wedding cake by The Butter End Cakery (below left) . On the right, an elegant art deco inspired design rests upon a lavish garden swing style display with florals by Bella Blooms.

suspended wedding cake by the Butter End Cakery left, image right via Bella Blooms

Faye Cahill brings her design magic to the suspended cake design with the two fabulously floral adorned creations below (with Flower Seeker left.)

suspended cakes by Faye Cahill (design left with Flower Seeker )

A vintage carousel style horse nestled amongs sprays of delicate baby’s breath adds a playful touch to this creation by Faye Cahill (below left), while draped strings of glass beading further embellish this extravagant suspended wedding cake, below right (image via A Day To Remember Event Planning).

suspended wedding cakes by Faye Cahill left, image right via A Day To Remember Event Planning

A garden swing style platform suspended amongst an array of twinkling candles makes an enchanting display for this pretty wedding cake trio below (image via The Knot).

suspended wedding cake via The

This fabulously detailed enchanted forest style wedding cake incorporates chocolate twigs, fondant seed pods and a sprinkling of woodland violets to create a superb suspended wedding cake design from The Pastry Studio. The magnificent floral swing was created by Simply Roses (image by Laura Yang Photography).

suspended wedding cake The Pastry Studio, garden swing by Simply Roses, Laura Yang Photography.

Update: We’ve just come across this phenomenally beautiful garden swing wedding cake display from Cupcakes by Rita…feast your eyes!

garden swing wedding cake by Cupcakes by Rita

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