Pomander Wedding Cakes

pomander wedding cakes by Faye Cahill left and by Melissa Woodland Cakes right, Shelby Hepworth Photography

A pomander floral arrangement cake topper, a throw-back to Victorian era wedding cakes, is the ultimate vintage  style statement in wedding cake design this year.

We have two superbly elegant examples of pomander wedding cakes above – a lace adorned design by Faye Cahill Cake Design (above left) and classically piped design with contemporary ruffles by Melissa Woodland Cakes (above right, image by Shelby Hepworth Photography).

The Ganache Cake House UK crafted the beautiful pomander floral cake topper below for a majestic wedding cake design.

pomander wedding cake by Ganache Cake House UK

Lace piping and lace textures work beautifully with antique style pomander toppers, as demonstrated in the delicate lace design by Faye Cahill (below left), paired also with a pretty petal-shaped base tier.

On the right, Delectable Cakes by Su have created a soft lace effect with fluttering sugar blossoms, crowned with a beautiful pomander arrangement.

pomander wedding cakes by Faye Cahill Cake Design left and Delectable Cakes by Su right

Pomander cake toppers and floral arrangements can be created either with full roses as in the smart, lustred design below left by Cakesalouisa, or with simple sugar blossoms, as in the beautiful Wedgewood inspired design below right (via Zucchero E Cannella on Pinterest).

To create a pomander cake topper:

  • Take a ball-shaped polystyrene dummy and insert a wooden skewer through the end.
  • Then place the pomander on the top tier and insert the end of the skewer into the cake to hold the pomander in place.
  • Sugar blossoms can be arranged around the pomander with royal icing to hold them in place or wired roses can be inserted directly into the pomander.

See also our baroque style wedding cake tutorial from Rosalind Miller which includes a pomander cake topper.

pomander wedding cakes by Cakesalouisa left and via Zucchero E Cannella on Pinterest right

The Sugar Plum Cake Company wowed visitors to the Cake International Show in London this year with their award-winning and lavishly detailed pomander wedding cake design below.

pomander cake topper wedding cake by Sugar Plum Cake Co UK

Sweet Tiers have combined two old world trends in their elegant wedding cake design below – a pedestal vase cake topper with a pomander floral arrangement for an exquisite wedding cake design.

pomander and pedestal wedding cake by Sweet Tiers UK

Pomander wedding cakes made an appearance also at the Sydney Royal Easter Show in Australia earlier this year with a design from Yummies- Cakes & Special Treats (below left) and at Manchester Cake International (below right), both cakes elegantly combining beautiful lace effects with antique-style pomander arrangements.

pomander wedding cakes from x left and from Manchester Cake International right

Pomander floral toppers have featured in many of the style-setting wedding cake designs of Australia’s  Yummy Cupcakes & Cakes this year including the wedding cake below right with a fabulous peach and white floral topper with hints of green hydrangea peeping through – a beautiful summer wedding cake design.

On the left, California’s Kathy’s Little Cakery have created a chic, lustred design, matching the petal ruffled base tier with a complimentary petal ruffled pomander.

pomander wedding cakes by Kathy's Little Cakery left and Yummy Cupcakes  & Cakes right

A second example of the pedestal wedding cake trend paired beautifully with a floral pomander cake topper by Yummy Cupcakes & Cakes features below left.

On the right, It’s a Cake Thing by Jhoanee have added an elegant final flourish to their pomander design with a soft organza bow at the base of the arrangement.

Pomander wedding cakes by Yummy Cupcakes & Cakes left and It's a Cake Thing by Jhoanee right

Ribbon detailing and a classic black and ivory palette make for a striking wedding cake design in this beautiful pomander wedding cake below by Alessandra Frisoni Cakes, Italy.

pomander wedding cake black adn ivory by Alessandra Frisoni Cakes

A simple black ribbon bow paired with contemporary ruffle detailing and a pomander cake topper makes for a stylish wedding cake design below left by The Cupcake Lady, Adelaide (with an acknowledgement to Yummy Cupcakes & Cakes as a design inspiration).

On the right, Garrods Wedding Cakes UK have created a stunning pillowed wedding cake topped with a classical pomander for a unique antique style wedding cake.


Scrum Diddly Cakes UK have created a masterpiece design in their beautiful wedding cake below, adorned with over-sized rosed and topped with a lavish  pomander style floral arrangement.

pomander wedding cake by Scrum Diddly Cakes

Pearls, roses and lace create a unique vintage wedding cake design below from the wedding cake collection of Cake Your Day.

Pomander wedding cake by Cake Your Day

Gail Watson Custom Cakes can be credited as one of the original designers to use an antique style pomander arrangement in her cake designs, with a design from a number of years ago below left, which remains an outstandingly beautiful wedding cake design.

Eileen Fry Cakes combine the contemporary trends of frills, ruffles and metallics and a hint of vintage with a pomander cake topper in their unique design below right.

pomander wedding cakes by Gail Watson Cakes left and by Eileen Fry Cakes right

Always to the fore of cake design chic, Sweet Bloom Cakes, Australia incorporate mixed tones and shades in their beautiful pomander floral arrangements below.

pomander wedding cakes by Sweet Bloom Cakes Australia

Another pomander beauty from Yummy Cupcakes & Cakes (below left) in mauve tones and on the right, Mignon Daymon of  Cake Face has worked the pomander topper design into a single-tier confection combining ombre tones and on-trend ruffles/scrunch flowers, one of Mignon’s signature design motifs.

pomander wedding cakes by Yummy Cupcakes & Cakes left and Cake Face right

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